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Finding Peeps on SA:MP

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Butters!    0

So just a few minutes ago I was on SA:MP Crazybobs Cops and Robbers, and me and this group of about 5 people where pulling a heist on the federal mint. One of the gus in the gang caled the cops on us though, so we where all killed in raid. So when we where going to try again, my cat stepped on the Windows button, and it shut SA:MP down. I went straight back onto the same server (yes, it definatly was the same one), but everyone from the gang had left. None of the ID Nmbers worked, and they didnt answer on normal chat - so how can you refund people on SA:MP, because I find it hard to belive that all 5 people would decide to come off in the space of two mins.

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azn    1

CnR uses 2 servers, to change cities faster. And even though it's meant to be 2 different cities running at once, sometimes they accidentally end up on the same city, at different times of the week. You probably accidentally went into the other CnR server while both were on the same city and so it appeared that all 5 people had left.

EDIT: If you wrote down their usernames somewhere, then there's a search feature on their website here

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