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Ghost Missing

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macorules94    7

In the mission "Gone Fhishing" have you guys actually tried killing the dude but not destroying the boat?

I did and then i got in his boat.

His boat is blue, its like the police boat but with no shooting thing.

and when you go inside it, it says "GHOST missing"

Heres a pic:





sorry if its been posted before....or if you guys already know about it..

well atleast i found it out myself instead of youtube....(i just checked..its on there damn!)

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TNF    0
Lol,for me it says Ghost,but it's black.

The PS2 version of the game has it in a light blue with the name "Ghost Missing"

The PC version has it in black with just "Ghost" as the in-game name.

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DT-boy    0

Nah, it uses the Predator's handling.

  # Id,	Model name,	 Txd name,	Type	 HandlingId	Game name, ...
  120,	 predator,	   predator,	boat,	PREDATOR,	 PREDATR, ...
  150,	 ghost,		  ghost,	   boat,	PREDATOR,	 GHOST, ...

I think the Ghost was added in the "last minute" to the game because it is the last at the vehicles.

About the name I think Rockstar forgot about it but they fixed it in the PC version but I've got no idea why did they give it a name like that. Maybe it's a reference to Ghost Town?

Also, this vehicle is unique to Grand Theft Auto III.

And I think they changed the color because the light blue one looks strange.

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