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Recommended GTA IV system requirements

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Jace    11

Laptop.. Well, CPU-Z will tell. But not every laptop can get it's RAM upgraded.

And yeah, if you're not some fanboy that hangs to nVidia, then you should get that HD4870.

If you're on a smaller budget, then HD4850. You won't regret it. And it's a pretty cheap card. High-end like for a midrange price.

I'm waiting for nVidia's GT200b, which should become the new GTX 280. It it's fast enough I'll get it. Or I'll wait a bit longer, for when I switch to Nehalem and then go SLI (as X38 doesn't support SLI, but CF).

Meh, prob get that GTX 280 and skip Nehalem wand get Westmere (or what ever its called).

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