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Vice City: Hitman Asset

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#21 Ultraussie

Posted 18 December 2008 - 08:28 AM

Very nice. :D
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Posted 19 December 2008 - 01:01 AM

I actually made another.

List 7.

Pre-Mission: Obtain the following and a sports car.
-Brass Knuckles
-Molotov Cocktails
-Assault Rifle

Special Conditions: Kill 10 Pedestrians and 10 cops besides the ones you were assigned to do. In killing them, make sure to NEVER get more than 3 stars in the act. Doing so results in the loss of the BONUS hit. 9 hour time limit.

Level 7 Hitlist

The Mission:


Tommy sits at one of the chairs, waiting for his contact. A woman in a purple business suit comes up to him.

"Mr. Teal."
The woman eyes him and speaks again.
"Nice choice of clothes. Stole them off a gang?"
"Nice choice of clothes, stole them off your pimp?"
"I don't have time to fuck around, just tell me the gay code name i'm supposed to call you."
"Ms. Violet."
"Didn't see that coming."
"Red's right, you are a disrespectful, ungrateful punk."
"Right. Can I have my check?"
"Here's your damn money, and here's your damn job. Here I thought i'd meet someone who could please me by appearance."
"Here I thought I could meet someone who isn't a bitch."

The List:

Rafeal MacGregor: Used Car Salesman. Man. Owns a "legit" car dealership of used cars. The employer for this job owned a car quite precious to him, belonged to his grand papa or some other sentimental crap. Knabbing the car gets us extra.
Day Job: Used Car Salesman/Thief. Looks around for cars to steal on the streets on the "rich" side of Vice City.
Night Job: Used Car Salesman/Thief. Looks around for cars to steal on the streets on the "gang-ridden, poverty filled" side of Vice City.
Way to Kill: At day or night, go to the specificied location. Look around for a speeding car with a man in it. He cannot be Cuban or Haitian or obese. If you cannot find him in under an hour (game time as always), make any car speed (shoot or bash) and catch him. Once the target is dead, take the car to the back of the Escobar International and park it behind a building where our employer can pick it up.

Timothy Blackwell: Math Teacher. Man. Overweight. Teaches at a High School. The employer was a bit lucky to stumble upon us, but instantly requested a hit on his "fatass teacher". He's good for it.
Day Job: Math Teacher. Lucky us, he's taking the day off today to visit the beach so there won't be any student witnesses.
Night Job: None. Goes to Hyman Memorial Stadium to unwind and smoke with faculty members.
Way to Kill: At day, find him at Ocean Beach. Fat and balding. Count off 10 people resembling him and kill the tenth. Also, shoot any witnesses. At night, find him at Hyman Memorial Stadium. Fat. If you cannot find a fat man in 30 minutes, spread your search area to "poor" Vice city to Starfish Island. If you still cannot find him after another half-hour, kill any man. Waste any witnesses.

Richie: Last name unknown. Man. Mysterious figure referred to as "Richie" by gangsters and high level drug runners, suspected to have several charges of rape, murder, and illegal drug trafficking against him. Hit issued by a correspondant within the Fort Baxter Militia. We're taking another crack at him.
Day Job: Unknown
Night Job: Playboy. Likes to take Hookers off the street. Our only bit of new information since last time.
Way to Kill: We have a possible lead on Richie. Find 3 members of the Cuban gang and knock each one to the ground without killing them. Do the same with 4 Haitians and 1 Biker. Lose the cops and drive to Cherry Popper's back entrance, and find a Cuban hanging around it. Beat him to death and we'll finally have information on Richie. The Cuban was keeping watch for Richie, along with others, forming a chain to surround where Richie's location is. Find five more Cubans and kill them, then go to the top of Cherry Popper's and take out your sniper. Take down the first man that speaks to another man that you see, excluding gang members. If no man speaks to another on the street for 30 minutes, then shoot down the next man that passes another man.

Rusty Palmer: Man. Our employer hates his ass for an unknown reason.
Day Job: Accountant.
Night Job: Jewelery Store Clerk. Works at one of three jewelery stores in Vice City.
Way to Kill: At day, find him at the office building. White clothes. Kill him and anyone that sees you with a sharp melee weapon (Knife, Machete, Katana, not Chainsaw). At night, go to two of the three jewelery stores in Vice City. If you don't know where they are or are too lazy to check, subtract four hours off of your time limit and kill 5 random men on the street. If you do know where, go to both of them and kill the Clerk in the 2nd one.

Diane Ford: Woman. Married to a rich man. Our employer is the rich man's ex and is cleary stupid enough to kill her instead of the man.
Day Job: None. Likes to tan herself on the beach.
Night Job: None. Lkes to use her credit card at the mall.
Way to Kill: At day, find her on Ocean Beach or in the border between Ocean Beach and Washington. She'll be dressed in a slightly revealing but not quite bikini, she is not obese. Kill her and witnesses. At night, find her at the mall with shopping bags and kill her and the group she's with. Lose the cops, if any.

Francesca Murphy: Woman. Soccer mom. Happily married with three children. Our employer is on the unhappy side of the marriage.
Day Job: Homemaker. Goes out to shop for her kids at a supermarket near Vice Point's mall. You can find it.
Night Job: Homemaker. Goes out to buy medication for her asthmatic daughter at the pharmacy in Little Havana or Downtown or Little Haiti. You can hunt for it.
Way to Kill: Find a fat or thin woman near either location, she is not black.


Raquel Ortega: Man. Cartel Enforcer sent to investigate the deaths of Rocha Escobodo and his family. We need to take him out before he sees Escobodo's death on public broadcast.
Day Job: Cartel Enforcer.
Night Job: Cartel Enforcer.
Way to Kill: At day or night, find him on the streets of Vice City. Count 30 men until you find him. We don't need his information, so kill him. Instantly (after inputting a cheat to do so or raising level through regular means), the FBI is on your tail and you have five stars. Don't know what their problem is, but lead them through a chase to the Hyman Condo OR Vercetti Estateand take a Maverick or Sea Sparrow. Go to the police HQ in Washington and take a uniform. Make your way to Fort Baxter and steal the Hunter. You may not use your Ocean Beach Hunter. Take out a VCPD helicopter and the law enforcement will back off.

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:
-Cheat when not asked to.
-Get Busted.
-Get Wasted.
-Fail to get all targets within 9 hours game time.
-Fail to get at least 2 targets in 4 hours game time.

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#23 Vercetti Thug

Vercetti Thug


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 04:16 AM

List 8.

Pre-Mission: Grab a fast car. Any weapons are fine

Special Conditions: Destroy 5 cars with drivers along the way WITHOUT going over three stars in the process. One of these must be a Kaufman Cab, one must be a Stallion, and one must be an Infernus.

Level 8 Hitlist

The Mission:

Vercetti Estate. Bar.

"Package,"grunted a thug.

Tommy opens it and finds a video tape. He plays it on the VCR and closes the door. A man with his face blurred out appears, wearing a black business suit.

"It's time you took your final test, Mr. Teal."
"Pfft, tests?"muttered Tommy.
"The police are almost on to you, the Forelli Family is getting aggressive, and I have negative...personality reports from Violet and Red. However, White has assured me that you should be brought fully into our fold, but there is a slight problem with that. You see, I recognize your full talents and would like you to be my enforcer, my right-hand, no longer a hitman. You have three hours to complete a set of tasks I will assign to you through seperate recordings. This is going to be a fun little game. However, should you lose, I can't guarantee we can qualm the Forelli Family any longer. Oh, and this recording will self-destruct in 5 seconds."
Tommy waited the five seconds without moving, and nothing happened.
"I just wanted to see if you'd fall for that,"explained the man, chuckling. He holds up a list to the screen with a single name written on it and a mysterious message...

Scott Summers: News anchor. He's displeased the employer by broadcasting a story unhelpful to the employer's reputation after getting a death threat not to do so. Man. Caucasian. Sticks to downtown.
Day Job: Nothing. Stays at a hotel in downtown, one with a pool. Its actually between Downtown and Little Havana.
Night Job: News anchor. News anchor with a death wish. Downtown near the office building. You'll have to catch him before he can get to work.
Way to Kill: At day, go find him at the specified location at the hotel, which you'll have to locate yourself. Kill a caucasian man. If you cannot find a man, kill a passerby in a car who fits the vague description. Kill 5 more passerbys. At night, find him near the office building. Kill any white man with a suit. Kill 10 more just to be sure. Its amazing we can't get a picture to match these guys and we just send you on a killing spree, eh?

Clue: At day after requirements are fulfilled, go to the one of a kind car whose home is Downtown. At night, find a Sparrow and do the checkpoint challenge associated with it. Fulfill the clue and you'll find a video tape (imaginary) in the vehicle. Take the vehicle to the Vercetti Estate Bar.

"Next,"announced the man, producing another name and clue.

Montell Darren: Black man. Raped someone close to the employer (allegedly). Blue overralls, works at the docks.
Day Job: Worker. Stationed in the boatyard.
Night Job: Worker/None. Until midnight, he works at the docks. Goes to the shacks on Little Haiti when he's not at work.
Way to Kill: At day to midnight, find him at the docks and kill him. Still dressed as a worker. If you cannot find him, he's playing hooky and hanging out with a Haitian gang. Kill 5 Hatians if that's the case. At night (midnight to dawn), find him near the shacks of Little Haiti (near Auntie Paulie) and kill him. Kill 9 more Haitians to be sure.

Clue: At day, go to the Club Malibu and punch a male dancer in a purple/green suit. He will hand over a cassette you can play in your car. At night, go to Prawn Island and dig around the grassy area with the armor hanging around. You should find a tape recorder with the cassette inside.

"Good, now, last job,"

The man reads out the information.

???????: I want him dead. He's a man, old. Flying into Vice City today. If it's light out right now, he is flown in by now, barely. If it's dark out right now, he's checked into a hotel.
Day Job: Don't matter.
Night Job: Screw that.
Way to Kill: Go to Escobar International if its day and kill all Security guards, men in business suits, and cops who come out at you. I want all witnesses dead. If the sky is even a tad dark/red, but its still technically day, find him in a car leaving and kill him. At night, search the Hooker Inn and another hotel in Vice City that is not the one you went to in the first hit (if it was day). Kill all men and any women in the area. Why do I ask for such extreme measures? To test how you'll get away, of course.

Clue: Go to the Hyman Condo quickly and take the Maverick on the rooftop. Inside, i'll be waiting with a few bodyguards. We'll have a nice little chat.


Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:
-Cheat when not asked to.
-Get Busted.
-Get Wasted.
-Fail to get all targets and complete all the clue's tasks.
-Blow up any surplus vehicles besides the five you were assigned to do in the special conditions.
-Reach six stars.
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