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GTA IV Millionaires Club launches - Social Club update

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Chris    237

Rockstar Games have today unveiled The Millionaires Club, a new addition to the Social Club. The club recognises all players who have earned over 1 million dollars in the game - not based on your current bank balance though, but by the total amount of money you have made since you first started playing, i.e. every mission you passed, all money you picked up off the ground, every race you won etc.

Once you've amassed a seven figure wealth, you'll be able to compare youself to all the other Millionaires out there. A total of three leaderboards show you who were the first to become millionaires, who did it the quickest, and who is the richest.

Let us know how you've found the Social Club to be and if you're in the club already. I for one have had not such a good experience. Despite 100%'ing the game weeks before the competition deadline (sometime back in early-mid May), my status still to this day has not updated itself, and claims I've only completed the game 90 percent. Hopefully you've all had better experiences than myself!

Link: Social Club

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GTA Don    0

Yeah, agree with Clyro, they should start working towards trophies etc. I also just found out that I only $62,349 more to get into the Millionaires Club.

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MarkD1990    3

My current balance is $927,366, so I can't access it :(

But I am trying my best to get more money :D


One thing I hate about the Social Club is that when I try to get into the 100% Club, it says my current progress is 0% when actually its way over 80%

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