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AyameS    0


I downloaded a trainer: The Ultimate Trainer V3.5. The garage editor is easy enough to use but everything else is confusing. I don't know what the 'teleporter' is for, I haven't found any in game text as specified in the 'read me' file, the codes on the intro screen don't work in game; basically I'm a newbe and don't know the first thing about this stuff.

Can some one please explain where to install this or how to use a trainer? Maybe I'm missing something.

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EvoLuTioN    38

Extract the zip/rar file on your desktop and place the .exe file(the trainer) in you Gta 3 folder, For the teleporter to work you have to first startup the game, then minimize it and open the teleporter option. Thee should be some preset locations along with the trainer, Check the folder were you extracted it and load those files. Now select the place you want to teleport to and maximize your game.

I may be wrong, Its been a while since I've played Gta3.

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