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Niko rendered to look lifelike

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bigjim    0

I signed up just to post this. Anyway, I found it at geekologie.com however I'm not sure where it originated from. You might remember that they did Homer Simspon and Peter Griffin a while back, it was floating around the net a few weeks ago.

I reckon it looks pretty awesome although I would have imagined him to look a little different. Still, it's a very good job.


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MrLlamaLlama    96

Was about to post this.. had other more important things to do (Fine, i was playing Oblivion)

But yeah, an artist by the name of pixeloo is responsible for this... How do i know? Well, that would be telling :P

Edit: Fuck, it's at the bottom of the picture. (Didn't actually see it there, read it on a site i visit frequently.. honest.)

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