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Posted 09 May 2008 - 10:10 AM

Secrets, Easter Eggs, Glitches, Tricks, Rare Vehicles, Tips, Signs...

| __ |
| ____ _/ /_____ _ _________ _____ |
| / __ `/ __/ __ `/ / ___/ __ `/ __ \ |
| / /_/ / /_/ /_/ / (__ ) /_/ / / / / |
| \__, /\__/\__,_/ /____/\__,_/_/ /_/ |
| /____/ |
| __ |
| ____ _____ ____/ /_______ ____ ______ |
| / __ `/ __ \/ __ / ___/ _ \/ __ `/ ___/ |
| / /_/ / / / / /_/ / / / __/ /_/ (__ ) |
| \__,_/_/ /_/\__,_/_/ \___/\__,_/____/ |
| __ ____ |
| ________ _____________ / /______ / __/___ _____ _ |
| / ___/ _ \/ ___/ ___/ _ \/ __/ ___/ / /_/ __ `/ __ `/ |
| (__ ) __/ /__/ / / __/ /_(__ ) / __/ /_/ / /_/ / |
| /____/\___/\___/_/ \___/\__/____/ /_/ \__,_/\__, / |
| /_/ |
| |
ASCII Art Courtesy: http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

Table of Contents

1. Version Updates

2. Intro

3. Submit and Contact

4. Secrets [SR01] |

[4.A] Rockstar and Other Games
Rockstar Gets Back at Driv3r
Rockstar Gets Back at True Crime
Vice City and Manhunt Action Figures
Manhunt References
[4.B] Easter Eggs
No Easter Eggs Here Sign
Shoot the Moon
Northstar Rock
Rockstar Constellation
Vanity Plates
Bridge Facts
Police Brutality
Vice City Maps
Vice City Boxart
Ghost Graveyard

5. Tricks [TR01] |

[5.A] Gameplay
Get Airplanes without Pilot License
CJ Pukes
Fast Nitro Recharge
Two Vehicles In Two Player
I/E Crane Swing
Get Rid of Gang War or Felony
Super Bike Jumps
Freeze Frame
Take Picture of Yourself
Unlimited Ammo
[5.B] Stats
Make Money Fast Without Cheats
Raise Your Gun Levels Fast

6. Hidden Details [HD01] |

[6.A] Signs
Hidden Package Sign
Loose Women Sign
V-Rock Logo
Actual Piece of Cable
Boring Museum
Big Pointy Building Signs
Biglog's Cok O Pops
Taste the Cock
Freedom Fries
Marital Arts
Sex Shop
The Big Pecker
A Taste of Good Things to Come
The Wizard of Ass
Not Welcome
Crippen Memorial
[6.B] Characters
Guy from GTA3
Jethro and Dwaine
Character Cards
Candy Suxxx Picture
Avery Carrington
[6.C] Other
Rockstar Logos
CJ's House Items
USS Numnutz
Wack Off
Ban Immigration Greencards Outright Today

7. Glitches [GL01] |

[7.A] Fun Glitches
7.A1 Blue Hell Entrances
Liberty City
Ghost World I
Ghost World II
Ghost World III
Ghost World IV
Ghost World V
Ghost World VI
Blue Hell Jump I
Blue Hell Jump II
Blue Hell Jump III
Blue Hell Jump IV
Blue Hell Jump V
Blue Hell Jump VI
Blue Hell Jump VII
Blue Hell Jump VIII
Blue Hell Jump IX
Blue Hell Jump X
Blue Hell Jump XI
Blue Hell Jump XII
Blue Hell Jump XIII
Blue Hell Swim I
Interior Blue Hell I
Interior Blue Hell II
Interior Blue Hell III
Interior Blue Hell IV
Interior Blue Hell V
Interior Blue Hell VI
Hidden Interiors Universe
7.A2 2 Player Glitches
Headless CJ
Walk Underwater
7.A3 Other Glitches
Collect Oysters With Jetpack
Get More Gang Areas
Walk on Air
Mountain Bike Morph
Flying Fish
Free Vigilante Levels
Falling Peds
Falling Peds II
Unlimited Two Wheel Bonus
Unlimited Time for Checkpoint Races
Unlimited Stoppie
Unlimited Flips and Rotation
Light Speed Tractors
Shamal Warp
SubUrban's Ammunation
Inside Restricted Area
Maverick/Car Fusion
Borrow Money from Casino
Get Inside Toll Booth
Melting CJ
Cheap Crane
Frozen Gang Fight
Sky High Drop
[7.B] Problematic Glitches *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*
Can't Workout
No More Pool
Basketball Glitch
Garages Won't Open
Cars Lose Paint Job
Bullet in WZM Race

8. Rare Vehicles [RV01] |

[8.A] Unique Vehicles
BP/FP/EP Patriot
BP/FP/EP Savanna
BP/FP/EP Elegy
BP/FP Tahoma
BP Forklift
BP Tanker
FP Greenwood
FP Blade
FP Majestic
FP Remington
Hood Up Police Car
[8.B] Other
Locked Cars
Get Hydra Early
Get a Kart

9. Insane Stunts [IS01] | *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*

[9.A] Insane Stunt Information
Quadruple Insane Stunt
[9.B] Triple Insane Stunt Locations
10-Story Parking Garage

10. Tips [TS01] |

[10.A] General Tips
What to Mod at Wheels Arch Angels
Get All 6 Gang Members to Travel with You
Leaning Forward on Bikes
Map Marker

11. Special Items [SI01] |

[11.A] Items
[11.B] Gifts

12. Unlocking [UL01] |

[12.A] Checklist
Unlocking Checklist
[12.B] Finding
[12.C] Other
100% Completion
Gun Levels
R3 Missions
I/E Dock

13. Stats [ST01] |

[13.A] Stats Menu
Criminal Rankings
Pilot Rankings
[13.B] Other

14. Cheats [CT01] |

15. Legal Disclaimer

16. Thanks

If you're looking for something specific from the Table of Contents, hit
CTRL+F on your keyboard and copy in what you're looking for. An example:
searching for "UL01" (without the quotation marks), would bring you directly
to the unlockables section.

1. Version Updates

0.9; October 9th, 2005: Many new things added, including blue hell jumps,
liberty city techniques, and hidden details. Working through the massive
backlog of emails, so expect some more quality updates.

0.8; August 24, 2005: With the XBox and PC versions out, Rockstar has made
some changes that don't let some of the tricks or glitches work. I'll be
going through and trying to confirm which work with what version of the game.
However, I don't have the XBox version so if you find any that aren't
working, please email me and let me know. The same goes for the PC version.
Some of you have already started to email me about differences, which is

0.7; January 23, 2005: Cheats added.

0.6; January 13, 2005: Fixed some random errors, still working through all
submissions. The main part of this update was the completion of the vanity
plates section.

0.5; December 20, 2004: Sections Added: Many. Removed the Weldings and
Weddings, which everyone knew worked except me. Will be trying to work
through submissions in the next update, as quite a few have been sitting for
a few weeks. This update was delayed because I was enjoying the hidden
interiors universe glitch. Lots of exploring done.
Sections Updated: Vanity Plates (tons of submissions), Manhunt Shock Trooper,
Get Airplanes without Pilot License, many others.
This updates recommendation: Walk Underwater II, in the 7.A3 section. It
lets you collect oysters, underwater, with the jetpack. No cheats at all!

0.4; November 30, 2004: Too many updates to list. Reorganized, and lots of
new finds. Thanks to all the submissions, although I'm still working through
most of them. To come: Problematic Glitches section, Triple Insane Stunt
Locations section.

0.3; November 18, 2004: Added many new glitches and secrets. Added the
entire Rare Vehicles section, and added the Unlockables section that explains
each, and how to unlock the items in greater detail than before. First
version of the FAQ to be posted on websites.

0.2; November 6, 2004: FAQ updated with quite a few new secrets, almost
doubled previous count. Total count up to: 28

0.1; November 2, 2004: FAQ first created. Total secrets found: 15.

2. Intro

This FAQ is simply a collection of all the hidden details, secrets, glitches,
tricks, and any related matter from GTA: San Andreas. I've been playing GTA
for a while now, and have also run a site dedicated to the GTA series for a
few years. I enjoy just playing around in GTA, looking for new vehicles and
secrets, more than I play missions.

Please remember this FAQ is for things that have been found, only. You won't
find any rumours here.

I've tried to keep this FAQ clean and simple, so it's easier to look through.
I've also tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible, so you can look
through this at any point in the game without giving anything away. The
biggest spoiler you'll find are simply character names. If a spoiler is
absolutely necessary, it'll be mentioned.

Luckily, I have a TV tuner card, so all the items listed in the FAQ that
would benefit from a picture have a link to it. Just copy/paste the URL into
your address bar and go there.

What this FAQ doesn't, and won't, have (so don't email me about them!):
Rumours/Myths: Unless anything is proven, they're all fake.
Made-up missions: For obvious reasons.
Mission help: Things needed to do are summarized here, other FAQs can help
you out if need be.

3. Submit and Contact

If you know of a secret that is not listed here, please send an email to me
at [email protected] Also, please try and be as specific as possible.
You get full credit for your find.

Please use proper spelling and grammar when writing an email. If I can't
read it, I can't respond to it.

Be sure to include a username, so I can credit you appropriately. If you
don't leave a username, I'll just use the one in your email.

If you haven't received a response from me in a couple of days, it's for one
of the following reasons:
a) Your email contains a spoiler that I haven't been to yet, so I won't
read it until I'm there
cool.gif I haven't had a chance to try the trick/glitch yet, and I'll respond
once I've tried it

Keep in mind that your submissions may be reworded to properly fit the
context it's being put in.


Emails about which tricks and glitches don't work on XBox and PC versions.

4. Secrets [SR01]

-----------[4.A Rockstar and Other Games]----------

--- [Rockstar Gets Back at Driv3r] ---

Description: In the mission at Madd Dogg's mansion, you'll hear from a man
that's playing a videogame, sitting by the television, say to himself: 'Yeah,
look how this Tanner guy runs! He moves like his bowels have let go... This
sucks. I mean, how could Refractions mess up so bad? Tanner, you suck ass!'
Reflections is the real name of the company, but you can see how Refractions
is similar. Tanner is the name of the main character from Driv3r, in case
you didn't know. Driv3r had little Tommy Vercetti's with water wings because
Tommy couldn't swim from GTA:VC, so Rockstar had to get them back somehow.
Although this is a little more direct than Driv3r's approach wink.gif

--- [Rockstar Gets Back at True Crime] ---

Description: True Crime: Streets of L.A., was without a doubt based off the
GTA series with it's free roam gameplay. In an effort to make fun of the
competition yet again, there's a billboard in San Andreas that says 'Get rid
of old rubbish, fast! True Grime: Street Cleaners'. To get to the
billboard, follow the train tracks from your house until you get to Unity
Station. It'll be at the beginning of the tunnel, directly above you.

The reason they've done this is because in True Crime, there were billboards
that had a GTA style cartoon of a guy wearing a pink jockstrap. Next to it
read "JOCKSTRAP" in the same style as the Rockstar logo, as well as a J*
beside to mock Rockstar's Logo, R*.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/truegrime.jpg

Here's another interesting detail that may be Rockstar's way of also
insulting True Crime. On the mission "Home Invasion" that you get from
Ryder, during the cutscene right before you enter the house you are to rob,
Ryder says "Yah, yah, we gotta do it ninja style!". As you may or may not
know, in "True Crime: Streets of LA" the main character Nick Kang says that
same thing right as you start any of the sneaking missions.
Found by: Heavenly Spawn

--- [Vice City and Manhunt Action Figures] ---

Description: Head into Zero's store. On the rack by the counter, and on the
wall behind the counter, you'll find Tommy and Lance from Vice City, as well
as two characters from Manhunt being sold as action figures.
Requirements: You'll have to own Zero's RCs Shop so you can enter the store.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...crets/tommy.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...crets/lance.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/manhunt1.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/manhunt2.jpg

--- [Manhunt References] ---

Description: To see a Shock Trooper from Manhunt, head into the bar called
the "Ten Green Bottles" by your house in the OGF neighbourhood. Once
inside, look to the wall on your left and you'll see a drawing of one of the
director's Shock Troopers from the Manhunt game. It can also be seen in some
other bars as well.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...hocktrooper.jpg
Found by: Mike N

If you're in the City Planning Department (can be entered only during the
mission Architectural Espionage, or by using the Hidden Interiors Universe
glitch), you can see the plans for the Starkweather mansion from the Manhunt
Found by: Gareth

-----------[4.B Easter Eggs]----------

--- [Easter Eggs Here Sign] ---

Description: Fly to the northwest corner of the map, where there is the large
red bridge (the Golden Gate Bridge) that connects San Fierro to Las Venturas.
Either get to the top of the bridge with a Jetpack or helicopter, and hover
near the highest horizontal bar. Look on the inside, east side to see a sign
that says, 'There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.' This is an obvious
play from Vice City, where there was an actual Easter egg hidden in an
invisible wall. Also, there was a similar sign in GTA3 that read, 'You
weren't supposed to be able to get here'.
Requirements: You'll need to have San Fierro unlocked before being able to
make it to the bridge.
Found by: BHZD11
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...oeastereggs.jpg

--- [Bodybags] ---

Description: To get to the place, you'll need to start out at the airplane
graveyard in Las Venturas. Head south from the savepoint, until you get to a
road. Follow this road west, until you see a snake farm on your side. Go a
little past this, then make a left off the road, and drive through the field
between two large rocks. If you look on your left once you go through
between the two rocks, you should see a Bobcat beside a small hole in the
ground. Go up to the hole, and you'll see several body bags in the ground.
The Bobcat parked there must have been used to place them in there!
Found by: SalsaShark
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bodybags.jpg

--- [Shoot the Moon] ---

Description: Just like in the other GTA's, shooting the moon with a sniper
rifle will make it get larger and larger, until it starts over at a smaller
size again.
Found by: Ultimate Goku

--- [Northstar Rock] ---

Description: Found on the east side of Los Santos, there is a large rock
called Northstar Rock. Switch around the syllables to get Rockstar North,
the creators of the game. There are rocks on the actual rock, but they don't
appear to form anything special.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...rthstarrock.jpg

--- [Rockstar Constellation] ---

Description: Look in the night sky to see the Rockstar constellation. This
is also from Vice City.
Found by: pdalkeith
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...nstellation.jpg

--- [Vanity Plates] ---

Description: If you pay close attention, you'll see some cars have their own
vanity plates. Here's a list:

| Characters' Cars |
| Sweet's Greenwood | 'GROVE4L ' |
| Ryder's Picador | ' SHERM ' |
| Jizzy's Broadway | 'HO 2 HO ' |
| Truth's Mothership | 'EREHTTUO' |
| Pulaski's Buffalo | 'PULASKI ' |
| Cesar's Car | ' LUVA4L ' |
| Toreno's Car | ' OMEGA ' |
| Big Smoke's Car | ' A2TMFK ' |
| Mission Vehicles |
| Car in 'Yay Ka-Boom-Boom' | 'TIMEB0MB' |
| PCJ600 in 'Highjack' | 'PREACHER' |
| Admiral in 'You've Had Your Chips' | 'G1RUYHUN' |
| Windsor in 'Home on the Hills' | 'J LOMAX ' |
| Tampa in 'Nines and AKs' | ' FELTCH ' |
| Feltzer in 'End of the Line mission' | ' IMY AK ' |
| Car in 'Badlands' | ' ASSMAN ' |
| Van in 'Home Invasion' | ' SWAG ' |
| Other Mission Unknowns |
| Unknown | ' 4GEDIT ' |
| Unknown | 'TH3 P1G5' |
| Casino Mission | ' TIM ' |
| Casino Mission | ' TAMMY ' |
| Casino Mission | 'H CARMAN' |
| Heist Mission | 'CFC 1888' |
| Steal Mission | 'N13 LLF ' |
| Truth Mission | ' HOM ' |
| Bloodring Racers |
| Bloodring Racer | 'GOT M00 ' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'M00TV 4U' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'MATHEW 2' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'D4 DEW0R' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'D0DE 777' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'DAM0 666' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'C0NEY 88' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'PRE4CHER' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'DBP 4NDY' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'EV1L SLY' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'N1 R4V3N' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'D1VX Z00' |
| Bloodring Racer | ' MR B3NN' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'R3D R4SP' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'LA B0MBA' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'L3337 0G' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'BUDD4H X' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'T3H BUCK' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'CHUNKY 1' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'EV1L BNZ' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'S4ND M4N' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'RKK DBP1' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'RE1 K0KU' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'S3XY JUD' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'SUNRA 93' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'UG FUX69' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'LI0N CUM' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'RKK PWND' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'HAZE B0B' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'T3H FLUF' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'BM 4NDY ' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'BM_D34N ' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'BM L4C3Y' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'BM D3V ' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'NU SK00L' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'G4L AVET' |
| Bloodring Racer | 'M0J0 J0J' |
| Denise's Car | 'HOMEGIRL' |
| Millie's Car | ' SPANK ' |
| Katie's Car | ' TRAUMA ' |
| Barbara's Car | ' CUFFS ' |
| Michelle's Car | ' NOS ' |
| Club | 'N13 LLF ' |
| Euros | ' DS3MP ' |
| Super GT | ' CMACD1 ' |
| Windsor | ' COS ' |
| Jester | ' GRO1N ' |
| Jester | ' G MAN ' |
| Jester | ' X2 GAV ' |
| Jester | ' G3PO ' |
| Sentinel | 'DON DON ' |
| Sentinel | ' DO NNY ' |
| Sentinel | 'TH3 DON ' |
| Camper | 'SJM1985 ' |
| Feltzer | 'DR DR F ' |
| Feltzer | 'ANN F3RG' |
| Feltzer | 'GPP4YROL' |
| Feltzer | 'DR F MBE' |
| Feltzer | '433 ADF ' |
| Sabre | ' FR4Z ' |
| Cheetah | ' IMY AK ' |
| Comet | ' L0LLY ' |
| Infernus | ' J L33S ' |
| Rancher | 'S4 LIJON' |
| Blista Compact | 'DI5CO5TU' |
| Banshee | ' J3 NCF ' |
| Banshee | 'DDO N4LD' |
| BF Injection | 'LA5H L3Y' |
| Patriot | 'AL3X RES' |
| Patriot | 'R F3RG1E' |
| Blade | 'RO55 MLL' |
| Bullet | 'TOO FAST' |
| Bullet | 'EA SUCKS' |
| Bullet | 'f*ck YOU' |
| Unknown Import Plate | ' SWAV ' |
| Unknown Import Plate | 'ANN F3RG' |
| Unknown Import Plate | 'SM53 NUV' |
| Unknown Import Plate | 'J3NYTAL5' |
| Unknown Import Plate | 'H4 NNAHF' |
| Unknown Import Plate | 'CL41 RES' |
| Random Plate | 'R4N G3RS' |
| Random Plate | 'GL4S G0W' |
| Random Plate | ' ARRAN ' |
| Random Plate | 'AM0 RUS0' |
| Random Plate | ' AMAT0 ' |
| Random Plate | ' GA ZZA ' |
| Random Plate | 'ZID ANE ' |
| Random Plate | 'MC C01ST' |
| Random Plate | 'BAW BAG ' |
| Random Plate | 'BR0 D1E ' |
| Random Plate | 'MR J0BBY' |
| Random Plate | 'BR0 DICK' |
| Bullet in SF Burgershot | ' CHUNKY ' |
| Banshee beside San Fierro Gym | ' BDP ' |
| Hotknife at Driving School | ' GOLD ' |

Note: Bloodring Racers are also the Tampa and Stratum in 'Puncture Wounds'

Thanks to NonProphet23, MorrowindMaster7792, Savant, Heavenly Spawn, Doc,
Forelli_Boy, The_Worminator, Typhin, NotTimAgain, Roadlizard,
AddictedtoSanandreas, and soup-eater231. Special thanks to esmeWeatherwax
for many finds, as well as pexeq for the entire Imports list. Also thanks to
Opius who outputted the list of all the vanity plates that are in the game.
Thanks to everyone else who's sent in as well, but credit is given to who
sends it first!

The list is pretty much complete for mission-specific vehicles. There still
may be random vehicles parked around San Andreas that haven't been

--- [Bridge Facts] ---

Description: Go to the northwest bridge between San Fierro and Las Venturas,
the big red one that's modeled after the Golden Gate Bridge. There's a small
sign by the bridge that says:
'Bridge Facts
length - 150.7 m
height - 60.3m above sea level
16000 polygons inc. LODs
600m draw distance
11 textures
Takes up a staggering 1.27mb of disc space'
To get there, drive from the northern end of the bridge towards the south.
Take the first left, down a thin path and a few stairs. Before you get to
the ground level with the diner, the sign will be on your right.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...bridgefacts.jpg
Found by: Retardo

--- [Police Brutality] ---

Description: Go the police station in Los Santos. Now, head into the parking
garage there, preferably with a police car (that way you don't get felony).
Once inside, you'll see a pedestrian being beaten by a cop, with another cop
watching in the corner.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/brutality.jpg

--- [Vice City Maps] ---

Description: Go to Angel Pine, and find the Clucking Bell. Right across the
street, you'll see 3 trash cans. Two of them have open tops. Knock them

over, and look inside. You'll see a bunch of maps of Vice City.
3 Trash Cans: http://gtadomain.gta...rets/vcmaps.jpg
The Maps: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/vcmaps2.jpg
Found by: Wallflower

--- [Vice City Boxart] ---

Description: Head to southern San Fierro, just north of Mount Chiliad, where
you can see the 5 round towers. The buildings to the west of them have a
low-res version of the Vice City Boxart plastered all around the building's
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/vcboxart.jpg
Found by: Josh M

--- [Ghost Graveyard] ---

Description: Head to the graveyard in Los Santos. If you look at the walls
between 20:00 and 6:00, you'll see some graffiti. However, during the
daytime the graffiti mysteriously disappears! One graffiti tag says
"Families 4 Life".
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/ghostgf.jpg
Found by: Zombie Shuffle

5. Tricks [TR01]

-----------[5.A Gameplay]----------

--- [Get Airplanes without Pilot License] ---

Description: This can be done in both all parts of San Andreas, at each
airpot. The shortest wall around the Los Santos airport can be found on the
north side. The shortest wall around the San Fierro airport is found by
taking the main road straight into the airport, and continue straight until
you reach the main gate. For both airports, park a car beside the wall, jump
on the car, and jump over and into the airport. In all the airports, the
easiest way to get in is to simply drive up to the main entrance where you're
told you need a pilot's license. Park a car beside the booth, hop on the
car, and hop over the fence. Without a pilot's license, you can fly: in Los
Santos' airport, a flyable Dodo and Shamal; in San Fierro, a Maverick, and in
Las Venturas' airport, a Dodo, Shamal, and AT-400. The AT-400 is stored on
in the hanger on the left when you enter, you'll have to approach it so the
gate lowers.
Found by: Dan Montgomery
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/lsairport.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/sfairport.jpg

Another way of getting inside early, with a vehicle, sent by John C: "The key
thing seems to be to run up to the gates and then run alongside them so that
your arm actually passes through the gate. The program then spots that you
are (partially) inside the gate and opens them as though you had approached
them from inside the airport. Sometimes you even get the gate security guard
telling you that this entrance is only for licensed pilots even as the gates
are sliding open."

--- [CJ Pukes] ---

Description: Go to any food shop, and continually buy food items (not salad
though). After you've eaten 10 or 11 meals, eat another. The camera will
cut back, and CJ will spew over the floor. Don't eat any more after!
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...crets/pukes.jpg

--- [Fast Nitro Recharge] ---

Description: After fitting a car with nitro, you can use it by pressing L1.
It lasts for about 15 seconds, but then takes a minute to recharge so you can
use it again. If you'd like to use it right after, simply hop out of the
car, and get back in. You can then use the nitrous right away.

--- [Two Vehicles In Two Player] ---

Description: First off, two player mode is only activated by finding 2 player
icons scattered across the maps. The easiest way to find them is by using
the map I've made here: http://gtadomain.gta....com/2pmap.html. Use the
free roam icons for this trick.

Normally, when you try and enter two separate vehicles in 2 player mode, the
second player won't be able to. However, one fun thing to try is both
players using a Jetpack. Player 1 can get it from the abandoned airstrip,
then run a small distance away with player 2. When you come back, another
one should be waiting for you there. I've found it appears when you stay
near and just turn your back to the spawn point; driving far away and coming
back doesn't work as well. If you're a cheater, you can always use the spawn
Jetpack code (L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up,
Down, Left, Right) to get another one. Try killing each other in the air...
it's pretty tough.

Another submission, by Derrick: The other vehicle that 2 players can use are
boats. Try both hopping in a boat, then one drives until you see another
boat. The second player can then hop in the other boat and drive along with

--- [I/E Crane Swing] ---

Description: Get to the Import/Export crane in San Fierro, located beside the
airport. Enter the crane by pressing triangle, and hook up the end to the
car you drove inside. Leave at least enough slack on the line so that the
car is on the ground. Now, leave the crane and enter the car. The magnet
will still be attached, and when you try and drive forwards you'll be lifted
in the air! It also works well with NOS, or if you try and drive over the
water, because you'll swing back onto land.

Another suggestion, by Jamie Magic Pants: Leave some slack on the crane line
so the magnet is on the ground. Drive from far away, with NOS, towards the
magnet. It will automatically connect to your car and you'll end up getting
some big air time once the line runs out of slack!

--- [Get Rid of Gang War or Felony] ---

Description: If you don't feel like fighting a gang war, simply go and save
your game at a safe house. Once you go outside again, there is no gang war
anymore. The same goes for felony. Just save your game and the felony will
be gone.

--- [Super Bike Jumps] ---

Description: To do a fairly large jump, continue to rapidly press X while on
any bike (not motorcycle). Eventually, with the right timing, CJ will pull
of a larger jump than is normally possible.
Found by: Alan B

Another, Higher Way: You can be riding or not moving for this to work. Make
sure you have a gun that can shoot from your bike first. Now, do a bunny hop

by pressing L1, and hit circle to shoot right after. If you can get the
timing right, you'll jump incredibly high. It may take a few tries.
Found by: akendry2002 and pdalkeith

--- [Freeze Frame] ---

Description: Start running forwards, with the camera equipped. Lightly tap
R1, and now CJ will be standing still in the running position. You can spin
him in circles as long as you'd like. To unfreeze him, let go of the analog

--- [Take Picture of Yourself] ---

Description: Get one of your fellow OGF members on the street to join your
current gang by targeting them with R1 and hitting up on the d-pad. Now make
sure you have a camera in your equipment, go up to the gang member, and a
message will come up giving you the option to hit L1 to take a picture of
yourself. If you hit L1, they'll take a picture of you and you'll have the
option of saving it for your gallery.
Found by: The mad gamer

Another way to get a picture of yourself, from the back: Quickly tap R1 and
then hit L1 right after. When you're taken to the picture saving screen,
instead of normally seeing the scene you took a picture of, it'll also add
you to the picture.
Found by: Vozpit

--- [Unlimited Ammo] ---

Description: Go to an AmmuNation that has a shooting range. Next, enter the
shooting range with a weapon that is sold at AmmuNation and exit it. When you
exit, you will get more ammo. Continue to do this as many times as you'd
like. If you do this for long enough, you'll eventually max out that
weapon's ammo.
Found by: Mr Scott

-----------[5.B Stats]----------

--- [Make Money Fast Without Cheats] ---

Description: Go to the Inside Betting Track, where you bet on horse races.
Bet all your money on the teal horse, which has the highest odds of either
1/11 or 1/12. Keep pressing buttons to add more than the increment it shows.
If you win, congratulations, then save the game. If you lose, simply reload.
Don't get frustrated if you keep losing, just stick with the teal horse and
you'll win within the 1/12 odds. Doing it a few times will quickly bring you
to over $10 million dollars! Keep in mind this is a pretty cheap way to get
cash, and is on the border of being cheating. However, if you really want
some cash, no one is going to stop you.

--- [Raise Your Gun Levels Fast] ---

Works On: PlayStation2 [Yes] XBox [???] PC [No]

Description: To raise the levels of the various guns, including the pistol,
uzi, etc., simply continue shooting the tire of a car. Your stats for the
gun will still increase, but the car won't blow up.
Found by: Reidstar

6. Hidden Details [HD01]

-----------[6.A Signs]----------

--- [Hidden Package Sign] ---

Description: The hidden packages from Vice City were small tiki statues. As
a tribute, a store in Los Santos has the package on the wall as a sign for
the store.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../hiddenpack.jpg

--- [Loose Women Sign] ---

Description: Go into any bar in San Andreas. Near the pool table, you'll see
a sign that says 'Beware: Pickpockets and Loose Women'.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../loosewomen.jpg

--- [V-Rock Logo] ---

Description: The V-Rock logo can be seen on a building in Roca Escalante, Las
Venturas. It's called the V-Rock Hotel. V-Rock was a radio station in Vice
City, and on the official site, they say 'At least they got rid of the dick
head who used to be on the radio'. That's referring to the fan-favourite
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../vrockhotel.jpg

--- [Actual Piece of Cable] ---

Description: To get there, take the big red bridge at the northwest end of
the map south towards San Fierro. Just before the intersection, there is a
small path heading down on your left. Take it down towards the diner. Once
you reach the diner, you'll see a pedestal that has a mounted red piece of
cable and text underneath. It says, 'Actual Piece of Cable'. Below, it
'*Oooooh amazing
*Thats mind blowing
*Actually, no, it's simple physics and not really that impressive'
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...actualpiece.jpg

--- [Boring Museum] ---

Description: Right at the front of the Visitor Center by the Gant Bridge,
you'll see a sign over the place that advertises a boring museum. It says
"Gant Bridge
Visitor Center
Gift Shop, Boring Museum
And Tourist Information"
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/visitor.jpg

--- [Big Pointy Building Signs] ---

Description: Go to the Big Pointy Building in San Fierro's Financial
District. There are four signs around. One says, 'Visitors Welcome'. The
others are funnier though. They say:
'No Basejumping'
'Voted San Andreas Pointiest Building'
''Big Prick' Jokes are Forbidden'
The basejumping refers to the fact that there's a parachute at the top. Just
walk into the door and you'll be placed at the top.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/nopricks.jpg

--- [Biglog's Cok O Pops] ---

Description: You can see this advertisement on various billboards around San
Andreas, and also being sold as a product in the 24-7 stores. It's a play on
Kellog's Coco Pops. Their slogan is also funny: "Start your day with a
mouthful of cok!" Notice on the picture, as well, the Kellog's chicken is
being choked by a hand.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/cokopops.jpg

--- [Taste the Cock] ---

Description: Go into any Clucking Bell restaurant, and go behind the counter.
Look at the back of the workers' shirts to see the slogan "Taste the Cock".
And before you think anything dirty, cock is another word for chicken; you
sick, sick person.
Found by: Nathan A and suprex7
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...crets/taste.jpg

--- [Freedom Fries] ---

Description: Go into the Los Santos Burger Shot and look closely at the menu.
One of the items they sell are "Freedom Fries"!
Found by: Blasmeister

--- [Zombotech] ---

Description: As submitted by Kenny S, "There is a large, square white
building directly west of the Cluckin' Bell in Downtown San Fierro. There is
an open door on the north wall of this white building. Inside is a sign
saying, 'Zombotech - Sinister Zombie Virus Research Corporation - Welcomes
Visitors!' This seems to me to be a plug at Capcom's Resident Evil series."
Found by: Kenny S
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/zombotech.jpg

--- [Marital Arts] ---

Description: If you pay close attention, when you enter the fighting gym in
San Fierro, you aren't learning Martial Arts. You're learning Marital
Arts... to fight off your spouse?

--- [Sex Shop] ---

Description: If you go to the Sex Shop in Las Venturas, you can see quite a
few interesting things. First off, there are several references to Candy
Suxxx. She stars in two movies:

Return of the Anaconda: He's back in his biggest adventure yet
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...dysuxxxdvd1.jpg
Candy Suxxx Returns in "That Can't Be Legal!": 80's Pornstar's Finest Yo!
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...dysuxxxdvd2.jpg

Also, there are quite a few funny signs around, as well as other DVDs.
Here's a list:
Filthy Chicks: Hard, Hard, Harder! (Has picture of Candy Suxxx backshot)
Granny Grabber 10: Watch as top pornstars double up on your gran!
Jenny & Sarah: DildogeDDon
Chainsaw with Dildo instead of chain
Hamster Love 2: The Message of Passion
All sales are final on rubber products due to health regulations
We have the right to refuse service to anyone

And lastly, the sign saying you should keep on wanking or leave!
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/wanking.jpg
Found by: Kenny S

--- [The Big Pecker] ---

Description: If you drive to the mid-northern part of Las Venturas, to Las
Payasadas, there's a sign located at a fork in the road. It reads,
Las Payasadas
home of
The World's Largest Cock
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/bigpecker.jpg

--- [A Taste of Good Things to Come] ---

Description: At the end of the mission called "Reuniting the Families", you
crash through a sign. Before, the sign reads "A Taste of Good Things to
Come", which is the slogan for Sprunk. After crashing through, it says "A
Taste of Come". Coincidence? Of course not, this is Rockstar we're talking
Found by: athf_nate12

--- [The Wizard of Ass] ---

Description: To find it, start at the garage in San Fierro. Go north to the
end of the construction site, and then take a left. Follow this curvy road,
until it straightens out. Then, you'll see a theatre with a movie playing
called "The Wizard of Ass"! An obvious play on words of the The Wizard of Oz
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...rets/wizard.jpg

--- [Not Welcome] ---

Description: Contains spoilers. During the last mission, End of the Line,
while you're ascending the Crack Palace, don't go into the room where Big
Smoke is. Look down at the doormat to see "Not Welcome Rockstar North".
Found by: thlump

--- [Crippen Memorial] ---

Description: If you head to Montgomery, which is north of Los Santos, you'll
see the hospital there called Crippen Memorial. Interestingly enough, Dr.
Harvey Hawley Crippen was a doctor himself. He was known as Dr Crippen, and
was hung in 1910 for murdering his wife. Odd choice for a memorial, isn't
it? If you'd like to read up more about him, check out
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/crippen.jpg
Found by: Kenneth V

-----------[6.B Characters]----------

--- [Guy from GTA3] ---

Description: If you've played GTA3 before, you'll remember the main character
as being nameless, and he didn't talk. Note: Contains spoilers.

He's seen as Catalina's new boyfriend that you meet in the race in the
countryside. You also find out his name was Claude. Here's the script of
the part that talks about them going to Liberty City:

'My lover needs his car so we can go to Liberty City'
'Liberty City? Yeah, whatever, have a good time'

As most know, in GTA3, the first thing that happens is you get backstabbed by
Catalina while robbing a bank. Here are some of the things Catalina says
about Claude:

'Oh Claude, it's bigger than the gear stick!''Oh Claude, I don't know if I'm
woman enough!'
'Claude is so manful, so FORCEFUL!'

And it goes on...

Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...rets/claude.jpg

--- [Jethro and Dwaine] ---

Description: These guys actually aren't new characters. They were first seen
in GTA: Vice City, when you purchased the boat yard. They were the two guys
in the cutscene. Just like in Vice City, in San Andreas they like working on
their machines.

--- [Character Cards] ---

Description: If you play some poker in Las Venturas, you'll see that the face
cards have pictures of previous characters from GTA3 and Vice City. Here's a
list of them:

Jack of Spades: Lance Vance
Jack of Clubs: Darkel
Jack of Hearts: Film Studio Director Jack of Diamonds: 8-Ball
Queen of Spades: Vice City Girl
Queen of Clubs: Misty
Queen of Hearts: Candy Suxxx
Queen of Diamonds: Asuka
King of Spades: Sonny Forelli
King of Clubs: Salvatore Leone
King of Hearts: Ricardo Diaz King of Diamonds: Donald Love

--- [Candy Suxxx Picture] ---

Description: Candy Suxxx, the porn star from Vice City, can be seen on a Las
Venturas billboard, as well as in several of CJ's safehouses and Colonel
Fuhrberger's master bedroom. It's the same picture of her from Vice City, as
Requirements: You'll need to have bought a property outside of the mandatory
ones you've been given.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../candysuxxx.jpg

Also, you can see a big moving billboard of Candy Suxxx on the Old Venturas
Strip.Found by: revivedexistence and david b
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...crets/candy.jpg

--- [Avery Carrington] ---

Description: Down the road from the Candy Suxxx billboard on the Old Venturas
Strip, you should see a large cowboy looking man waving his hand. This is
actually Avery Carrington, who you see in Vice City.
Found by: revivedexistence
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...crets/avery.jpg

-----------[6.C Other]----------

--- [Rockstar Logos] ---

Description: Rockstar doesn't keep their name hidden in the GTA series,
that's for sure. You can buy several sweaters with Rockstar written across.
Also, some sweaters from Binco have the Rockstar logo right around where a
breast pocket would be, although it's almost unnoticeable.

--- [CJ's House Items] ---

Description: There are a few hidden things to find in CJ's original house in
Los Santos. Firstly, you can see a surfboard with the Vice City beach on it,
in the room where you change your clothes. There's also a magazine on the
bed, which has a few screenshots of Las Venturas in it. One of the screens
in there is actually a screenshot that was used by magazines previewing the
game, before it came out.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/surfboard.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../lvmagazine.jpg

--- [Geyser] ---

Description: Pretty cool thing, it's an actual working geyser you can find in
Las Venturas. It's directly west of the middle of the Restricted Area.
Watch as it turns on and off, with people crowding around to watch. The
second picture is it on the map.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...rets/geyser.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/geysermap.jpg

--- [USS Numnutz] ---

Description: Head to the northern part of San Fierro, with the long docks
pointing out. If you're facing north, head to the furthest one on the left
up there. Walk along the dock on the right side, and you'll see a submarine
docked there. On it's side, it says "USS Numnutz". It could be a possible
play on the real-life Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../ussnumnutz.jpg

--- [Wanker] ---

Description: A play on words of the plane you buy rides on. If you look on
the side of it, you'll see it's called the "Juank Air". Say the two words
together to get "wanker". Not as commonly used in NA than Britain, but
nonetheless is a term that is used to describe someone that plays with

--- [Wack Off] ---

Description: Go the Atrium in Los Santos. It's just southwest of the
Mulholland Intersection, and 2 blocks to the east of the police impound lot.
Now, go inside by using either of the two doors. In the middle, you'll see a
statue of a guy that's broken. However, it looks like he's having a little
fun with himself!
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...rets/wanker.jpg

--- [Ban Immigration Greencards Outright Today] ---

Description: A small, yet interesting detail. If you listen to any radio
station, you'll hear an ad from the "Ban Immigration Greencards Outright
Today". They're an anti-immigrant group, whose name when abbreviated as an
acronym, fits their position.
Found by: Emily

7. Glitches [GL01]

-----------[7.A Fun Glitches]----------

Fun glitches that you'll want to do...

-----[7.A1 Blue Hell Entrances]-----

Just a quick note on Blue Hell. Originally coined from GTA3, where you could
fall through the ground in some places, although it was mostly random.
There, everything would be blue and fuzzy, and you'd be warped back on to
land shortly. There was actually a place where you could fly underground
though, which was difficult to control. Vice City had a few that you could
fly into, which led people to search for more. Now, in San Andreas, it is
pretty much white under the world, but it's still called Blue Hell.
Basically, it's when you fly under the world, and can see everything from

About the Ghost World glitches: These are when the game loads an interior,
and takes the world out of the games memory because you're inside a building.
However, if you can manage to get out of a building without the game knowing,
the rest of the world remains invisible. Buildings and cars are invisible
(although you can still drive cars/bikes, it's just that you become invisible
yourself). This can be good for finding horseshoes though, because items are
still visible. Each Ghost World glitch is ranked based on their difficulty
to get into or perform; some can be near impossible, some are incredibly

About Interior Blue Hell glitches: These are just ways to see into blue hell,
but not actually get into it.

--- [Liberty City] ---

Description: Contains spoilers.

There are three ways to explore Liberty City (outside of the mission). They
a) Jumping over the wall during the mission "Saint Mark's Bistro".
cool.gif Flying to Liberty City using the jetpack, a cheating device, and the
hidden interiors glitch.
c) Flying up to Liberty City using the jetpack and the hidden interiors
glitch (no cheat device needed).

I will be explaining listing a) here. If you like to find out more about cool.gif,
read up on my Hidden Interiors FAQ which can be found at GameFAQs. For more
information about c), read up on it here:
http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=184944. I have to admit,
although the method works, it's an extreme pain to do so!

Anyways, on to explanation a). During the mission "Saint Mark's Bistro",
continue on killing everyone until you get to the courtyard. Kill everyone
there except the guy with the arrow above his head. Now, run down and push
the car to the part where the ground rises. This will give you some
protection from the guy shooting you. With a grenade equipped, toss it to
the wall, and jump after waiting a second or to. If you were in the air
while the grenade went off, you'll be shot up and over the wall. If not, you
may need to try again while putting in the health cheat. However, once
you're over you can walk down to the road. Just be careful, many areas
aren't solid and you'll drop down to the ground as you would in the ghost
world glitches. Try shooting the ground with a gun to see where you
shouldn't walk. If you want to fly around with a jetpack to explore, you'll
need a cheating device because it won't work this high up.
Don't kill: http://gtadomain.gta...secrets/lc1.jpg
Hide here: http://gtadomain.gta...secrets/lc2.jpg
With cheat: http://gtadomain.gta...secrets/lc3.jpg
Method by: Undergroundarts

--- [Ghost World I] ---

Difficulty: Incredibly Easy
Requires: Zero's missions complete
Cheats Required: None
Description: Go into Zero's RC Store and start the mission in the back, Beefy
Baron. Fly the plane straight to the west, and fly it into the ocean there.
You'll see a mission failed screen, and you'll then start dropping from max
height into the Ghost World. Either open a parachute, or make sure you have
full health to survive the drop. By far the best way to get into the Ghost
World, because you also end up dropping right beside your San Fierro garage,
where you can try driving one of your cars while being invisible.
Found by: gambet1234

--- [Ghost World II] ---

Difficulty: Medium
Cheats Required: Jetpack
Description: Go to the Lil Probe Inn in Las Venturas, which is just southwest
of the Restricted Area. Once inside, jump towards the railing from the main
floor, where the entrance is and the railing begins from the wall. It may
take a few tries, but continue pressing jump until CJ jumps while still on
the railing. This will make him pop up onto the ceiling of the Inn. If you
jump off the side with the floating pictures, you'll drop into blue hell and
respawn again on the roof. However, jumping off the opposite side will put
you back inside the Inn. While on the roof, you're going to want to use the
Jetpack code (Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right). Fly a fair
distance from the Probe Inn, and you'll find yourself hitting the bottom of
the world if you try and fly up. Now, drop down, straight down, and you'll
respawn on the ground above the underworld. You can go anywhere you'd like

--- [Ghost World III] ---

Difficulty: Near Impossible
Cheats Required: None
Description: Head into any Burger Shot, and go behind the counter. Jump onto
the counter between the two workers, and eventually you should land on the
counter. You'll then fall through, and down into the Ghost World. It'll
take a LOT of tries to eventually get the jump to work though. Several
people have confirmed it, but I haven't been able to do it myself.
Found by: bobo_the_ape

--- [Ghost World IV] ---

Difficulty: Easy
Cheats Required: None
Description: Go to the Pig Pen Strip Club in Los Santos, it's fairly straight
north of Denise's home. Go inside, and go the bar. There, you'll see
something that looks like a fridge. First, jump on the counter, and then
jump onto the top of the fridge. It may take a few tries. Once it works,
you'll pop up onto the roof (like doing the Ghost World trick in the Lil
Probe Inn), and you can then walk around up there. You can jump off, and
drop down to the ground. Use a parachute or be at full health. You can even
get into the back room where the private strip takes place, which you can't
normally access.
Found by: marius

--- [Ghost World V] ---

Difficulty: Medium
Cheats Required: None
Description: Go the Atrium in Los Santos. It's just southwest of the
Mulholland Intersection, and 2 blocks to the east of the police impound lot.
Find the entrance near the double escalators. Make sure you have some sort
of bike (either a motorcycle or bicycle). Now, park the bike right against
the door so that it's touching. With CJ, hop off the bike, and go into the
yellow marker. Rapidly press triangle while he's entering the building. If
the bike was close enough against the door, it'll actually have the door
still open. By continuing to press triangle, CJ will then run out the door
and hop on the bike. You can also try getting him to run out himself, if you
see the door's open. The trick to getting this working is when the bike is
parked outside, and when you hit triangle, you want CJ to enter the marker
and also push the bike slightly forwards, to nudge it in the door. It may
take a few tries.
Found by: Tallon

--- [Ghost World VI] ---

Difficulty: Easy
Cheats Required: None
Description: Enter Caligula's Casino, in Las Venturas. Now enter the main
area, and head to the right side of the floor. There's a circular room area,
with two entrances. Take the one on the left that leads down. When you come
to a spot with three choices to take, go to the one on the left. You'll now
be in a storage room. Go up to the grating on the back wall, and keep
jumping into it. Once CJ looks like he's almost through, try crouching while
holding forwards, then jumping again. It may take a few tries, but once CJ
is through you'll land on top of a room. Take a look at Caligula's casino
from the outside, then jump down to the ghost world!
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/gwvinum1.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/gwvinum2.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/gwvinum3.jpg
Found by: Cheakerdoodels, super_stalker

--- [Blue Hell Jump I] ---

Works On: PlayStation2 [Yes] XBox [???] PC [No]

Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack, Bikes, Cars
Description: To do this, head to the northern safe house in Los Santos,
located in Vinewood. It's right above Madd Dogg's house. Don't worry if you
haven't purchased it yet, this glitch will still work. Head around to the
back, and go to the swimming pool. Walk along the wall beside the pool,
until you reach the corner. Simply walk straight into the corner and you'll
fall through into blue hell! It'll take about 5 seconds of falling before
you are warped onto the ground in front of the Vinewood sign, but you can get
a good look at Los Santos from below while falling down.

Now, there is a part of this building that is solid. Instead of walking
straight into the corner, walk into the invisible wall a little to the right
from the corner. You'll be able to stand there without falling down. Walk
south inside the building, and the area inside has solid ground. If you go
in the northern direction, inside the building, don't go past the corner you
entered or you'll fall through the ground again.
If you're really adventurous, try and fit in a car in the building. I've
driven a Taxi off and into Blue Hell, and when it warped me back up to land I
got a Double Insane Stunt Bonus. Bikes don't work, they always disappear
when you land.

Doing this with the Jetpack is absolutely crazy. You can fly through the
entire San Andreas map, and see everything from below. If you'd like to get
back up to the surface, just let yourself drop low and you'll warp back up
onto land. The only downside is when you come back up, you'll lose your
Jetpack. Have fun exploring! You can watch a video of me flying with the
jetpack in the underworld at http://www.edgefiles...iles/17495.html. If
you can't watch the video, you can view a picture here:
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../jetpackfly.jpg

--- [Blue Hell Jump II] ---

Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack, Bikes
Description: To do this, you'll have to be fairly early in the game. You
must be in San Fierro, but not have blown up the warehouse yet. Anyways,
head to the warehouse, which is located a couple of blocks north of your
garage, and right beside the driving school. Go inside, and go all the way
to the north side of the buildings. Walk into the wall on the right side of
the entrance, and you'll fall through and enter blue hell.

--- [Blue Hell Jump III] ---

Works On: PlayStation2 [Yes] XBox [???] PC [Yes]

Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack
Description: This one is located in Las Venturas. Locate the Sobell Rail
Yard, which is on the east coast of Los Santos. Head down into the water, on
the other side of the cliff. You should see a boat in the water near you,
called the Jetmax. Where the Jetmax is, jump back onto the cliff so you are
walking along it, not swimming. Continue walking north until you see that
the part you are walking on is starting to end. Now, push yourself left and
into the ledge while you walk, until you start to go inside. That part is
solid, but if you want to jump down and swim in the water, continue to walk
north until you fall down. You can actually swim to the edge of the water,
and then drop into blue hell before respawning on the road on top. This can
also be done with a Jetpack, if you'd like to fly around underneath. The
following picture shows me inside, and how far away it is from the parked
Jetmax. There's also a Jetmax that I drove to get to the spot.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...uehelljump3.jpg
Found by: drewpot2001

--- [Blue Hell Jump IV] ---

Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack, Bikes
Description: Locate the unmarked Pay N Spray in Las Venturas. You'll notice
that this Pay N Spry isn't marked on the in-game map, or the one that came
with the game. When you go inside it, the garage door closes behind but the
view doesn't change; you still see the car. Anyways, if you have trouble
locating it, it's on the map here:
Map: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhjivmap.jpg

When you try and enter the Pay N Spray, the whole width going across isn't
solid, and you can fall right through. You'll end up warping back into
almost the exact same spot when you drop down. If you take a bike down, make
sure you're facing straight forwards without any tilt or you'll lose it.
Found by: Lysergio
Go Through Here:
Good Falling Pic:
Bike Falling Through:

--- [Blue Hell Jump V] ---

Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack
Description: Head to the Police Station in Las Venturas. Use the map that
came with the game if you have trouble finding it. You'll need to bring
along the Jetpack, so that you can get up to the higher ledge. If you have
trouble locating it, use the map here:
Map: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/bhjvmap.jpg

Now, head to the northeast corner of the Police Station. You'll have to fly
up to the higher ledge first. Now, you can fly straight into the building,
then drop down to continue to fly in the underworld.
Go Through Here:
Flying Under: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhjvnum2.jpg

Also, because you're on top of the police station, you can see the parking
lot below. There's a space between the two floors, where you can land and
walk around.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhjvnum3.jpg
Found by: LocoCaesar IV

--- [Blue Hell Jump VI] ---

Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack, Bikes, Cars
Description: This one is incredibly easy to enter. Go to Las Venturas' only
Transfender Mod Shop. It's on your map when you pause the game. Now, once
you are there, look east. You'll see a large building. Go to that building,
and head to the south side of the building where there is an entrance. If
you still can't find it, use this map:
Map: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhjvimap.jpg

Now, you can simply walk/fly/drive through the door and enter the underworld!
It's easy to come back through it as well. Here's some pics of it.
Go Through Here:
Flying Under: http://gtadomain.gta...s/bhjvinum2.jpg
Found by: LuigiBrotha

--- [Blue Hell Jump VII] ---

Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack, Bikes
Description: Go to the San Fierro Airport and go inside. Head to the
northwest corner of the airport, where there is another gate entrance. Go
through the gate, and go along the road there. You should see pillars in the
middle. Begin to count the pillars, until you get to the 8th, 9th, and 10th
ones. You can walk through the southern side of each of these 3 pillars to
fall into blue hell. However, if you're not going in with a jetpack... be
warned, you'll respawn in the naval base with 5 stars!
Gate to Go Through:
Pillar: http://gtadomain.gta.../bhjviinum2.jpg
Found by: Hot2mali

--- [Blue Hell Jump VIII] ---

Able to Use: On Foot
Description: Go to the airport in Las Venturas, and go inside. Now, drive
around to the south side of the main building, where you'd buy tickets from
if you were on the outside. Look for a corner where the building meets the
gate. Run directly into this corner, then turn slightly left and continue
sprinting towards the building. You'll then fall into blue hell!
Corner: http://gtadomain.gta...bhjviiinum1.jpg

--- [Blue Hell Jump IX] ---

Able to Use: Jetpack, Hydra
Description: Start at the garage safe house in San Fierro. Now, from the
construction site, look west to see a circular building. Fly towards it and
land on the second level. Now fly straight up into the roof, then forwards.
Now you'll be inside the building, and can fly down to explore the underworld
of San Andreas. Pic 1 shows exactly where to fly up. Either the east or
west side of the building can be entered.
Corner: http://gtadomain.gta...s/bhjixnum1.jpg
Found by: T0P-CS-

--- [Blue Hell Jump X] ---

Able to Use: Jetpack, On Foot
Description: Start at the Four Dragons Casino. Now, head south to the main
highway, and head west on the highway. At the bridge you come to, past the
first intersection, Go to the north-west corner of the bridge. There should
be a mound of sand on the side of the bridge. Going on the dirt to the sand,
or from sand to dirt, there is a space where you can fall through. It's not
large enough for cars, but good enough to fall through!
Corner: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhjxnum1.jpg
Found by: Bragon

--- [Blue Hell Jump XI] ---

Able to Use: Jetpack
Description: Head to Las Venturas, and go to the road bridge between Tierra
Robada and Fort Carson. Now, with a jetpack on, fly under the bridge, and
head towards Tierra Robada. The support where the bridge connects to the
land can be flown through, and you can enter beneath the city from there.
Corner: http://gtadomain.gta...s/bhjxinum1.jpg
Found by: andrak36

--- [Blue Hell Jump XII] ---

Able to Use: Jetpack, On Foot
Description: Head to Las Venturas, and go to the bike school. Down the road
to the east, there's an opening which you should go inside. Look towards the
stadium, and run to the corner of the right wall near the entrance. Run in
or use a jetpack to go inside.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../bhjxiinum1.jpg
Found by: Mxyzptlk

--- [Blue Hell Jump XIII] ---

Able to Use: Jetpack, On Foot
Description: Go to the Mulholland intersection in Los Santos. Land on the
ground (not on any bridges), and head eastward. As you go along the wall,
you'll find a discoloured area that can be dropped through into the blue
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...bhjxiiinum1.jpg
Found by: ArturP

--- [Blue Hell Swim I] ---

Description: The first blue hell *ever* where you can only get there by
swimming! Head to the USS Numnutz submarine at the docks in the north part
of San Fierro. Now, swim in the water and go beside the front of the ship,
on the side away from the dock. Swim straight down, and you should see a
sort of crack in the ground that is grey. Swim right through there, down a
little more, and then look up. You can see below San Fierro from here.
However, it's hard to do it for long because you'll start to drown
eventually. Use the health cheat if you have to.

I've tried to use the 2 player trick to walk around down there, but I just
can't seem to do it with the second player under the water. If you can do
it, let me know.

Hole in Ground: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/bhsnum1.jpg
Swimming Under: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/bhsnum2.jpg
Found by: GTATOM

--- [Interior Blue Hell I] ---

Description: In this glitch, you can still see the blue hell below you, but
you will not be able to jump into it. Go to the Come-A-Lot district in Las
Venturas. The building is two blocks down from the main drag through the
city, on the north end. It's the red building in the block of buildings.
Take up the stairs in the back to get to the second level of the building.
You can see a horseshoe up here, if you haven't gotten it already. There are
several railings hanging out from the building. Try and get onto one of
balconies with railings by jumping from the roof. Once on, you can just walk
through the wall into the building and take a look around. It's a great spot
if you want to get a lot of felony from the balcony, then run back under the
cover of the roof when the helicopter comes. The picture shows you the
inside of the glitch, as well as where you'll need to be on the map.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...nteriorhell.jpg

--- [Interior Blue Hell II] ---

Description: This is another place you can see into the blue hell, but you
can't get into it from here. Head to San Fierro, just past the northern part
of Mount Chiliad. For an exact location, go to the following spot on the
Map: http://gtadomain.gta...iorhell2map.jpg

Here, you'll see a hill with a steep incline. Running into it will put you
below the texture of the hill, while being able to look under the rest of San
Andreas. Here's a few pictures so you can get an idea.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...eriorhell2a.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...eriorhell2b.jpg
Found by: Psy

--- [Interior Blue Hell III] ---

Description: Head to the northern clothes shop on your map in San Fierro,
which is a Binco. Its just south of the Gant Bridge. Now, go along the
street directly in front of the Binco that heads in the west direction. On
your left are houses. Just before the next intersection, there'll be a
taller house than the rest you've seen along the left side. If you try and
walk through the taller part of that house, you can go right through. The
building has holes to get through on three sides, and are even big enough to
fit a helicopter in there. Although you can move up and down, you can't get
low enough to fly around blue hell fully. Just for looks.

Taller House: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhi3num1.jpg
Wall to Go Through:
Helicopter Inside:
Jetpack Inside: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhi3num4.jpg
Found by: Raveen

--- [Interior Blue Hell IV] ---

Description: It seems that most buildings in San Fierro have been poorly
done. A lot of the buildings have outset balconies or stairways, and at
least half of them can be flown right into so you can take a nice look at
blue hell. There's way too many buildings to list, but here's a picture of
one of the buildings I'm referring to with the balconies. You'll need to use
a jetpack to see any of these.
Building: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhi4num1.jpg

--- [Interior Blue Hell V] ---

Description: Drive to the Burger Shot in San Fierro, which is near the gym.
Park the car right up against the entrance, where the yellow icon is. Now,
walk into the yellow icon, by pushing the car slightly out of your way. Once
inside, come back out, and you'll find yourself stuck in an invisible Burger
Shot! Also, "It's fun to try this with a high wanted level because nobody
can hurt you. The only way to kill people is with the chainsaw or an
explosive of some kind. Explosives can blow up vehicles too. You can't shoot
through to the outside with a regular weapon because it will hit the wall,
but you can throw projectiles through the wall that faces the street. There
is a section of the southern wall that you can walk through for a bit to see
the outside of the Burger Shot but you can not go outside completely. The
only way to get out is to kill yourself."
Park Car: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhi5num1.jpg
Try to Leave: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhi5num2.jpg
Found by: Chip N

--- [Interior Blue Hell VI] ---

Description: Head to northern Los Santos, west side. If you look at the west
going highway, it should continue going west until it starts to curve down.
Just before it starts curving down, if you look north to the road there's a
huge home with several balconies. With a jetpack on, fly into the inset
balcony, then walk towards the inside of the building. You'll see the
outline of the building and the rest of the surrounding Los Santos.
Enter: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/bhi6num1.jpg
Found by: ArturP

--- [Hidden Interiors Universe] ---

Description: This glitch involves exploring pretty much every interior found
in the game. All of them (except a select few) are above the max height
limit in the sky, but the area can be flown around in with a little trick
with the jetpack. I've written a separate FAQ about this, titled "Hidden
Interiors FAQ". You should be able to find a link to it from where you got
to this FAQ; if not, visit the GameFAQs page at
Found by: OD fa real

-----[7.A2 2 Player Glitches]-----

--- [Headless CJ] ---

Description: Start up two player mode, and make sure you have a Katana. Now,
get player 2 to use the Katana on CJ. It may take a few tries, but one of
the swipes with the blade should chop his head straight off. Because CJ is
now dead, the 2 player mode will end. It'll now show CJ standing there with
no head, and blood gushing everywhere! It's definitely a funny glitch to
see. Even dying in single player, and being brought back to the hospital,
won't bring your head back. Driving around in your car makes blood leak
everywhere as well!
Found by: puppy
Posing: http://gtadomain.gta...ts/headless.jpg

--- [Walk Underwater] ---

Description: Start up two player mode, and get into a water helicopter such
as the Sea Sparrow. One can be found on the east side of Las Venturas in the
water. Now, both of you should get into the copter. Player 2 then gets out,
swims around, and pulls out CJ. CJ will fall out and go to the bottom of the
water, and will be able to walk around on the bottom, use weapons, etc,
anything you could normally do on land.

Alternate method: First, activate 2 player mode and find a boat. Both
players should hop onto the back of the boat. Now, kiss by hitting L1 and
the camera will change views. CJ will be alone on the boat, and the second
player will be below the water!
Found by: bloodxroses and Lawrie
Kissing Alone:
Me Underwater: http://gtadomain.gta...s/2pwaydown.jpg
Attacked by Shovel:
Attacked by Shotgun:

-----[7.A3 Other Glitches]-----

--- [Collect Oysters With Jetpack] ---

Works On: PlayStation2 [Yes] XBox [Yes] PC [Yes]

Description: To do this, head to the area marked on the first picture, which
is a map. Just north of the location, in the water, if you swim down you'll
see some rocks and weeds. Swim down to the large rock, and soon CJ will drop
down and stand on the rock, with it looking like daylight around. You can
then run around underwater with no breath meter!

If you'd like, you can use a cheat to spawn a car, and drive around the ocean
floor. Don't drive off the map though, because once you get to the open
ocean area, the floor disappears and you fall into blue hell, only to respawn
on land.

Lastly, you can use a jetpack underwater with no cheats! Just set the
jetpack on the land near the water. Equip a gun, and walk around in target
mode (R1). Walk into the jetpack, and then continue walking into the water
while still targeting. Now, swim down to the spot, and you'll drop with the
jetpack. You can now collect oysters with ease!
Found by: Frank-Tenpenny
Map: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/wuwnum1.jpg
Swim Here: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/wuwnum2.jpg
Looking Around: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/wuwnum3.jpg
Driving Under: http://gtadomain.gta...ets/wuwnum4.jpg

--- [Get More Gang Areas] ---

Description: This is definitely one of the weirdest/coolest glitches in a GTA
game. To do this, you'll need to have gang territories available to be taken
over. Hop in a plane or boat, and fly into a corner of the map. Tape down
the X button for acceleration, and let the plane or boat go for at least 20
minutes (real time) in that distance. Now, hop out, and drown yourself.

You'll end up back at a hospital. Now, check your map. Most people find at
least 12 new territories around San Andreas. Some appear in San Fierro, some
all over Las Venturas, it seems to be purely random. People that have had
100% territories controlled now had 75% after doing this glitch. It seems to
be random on how many new ones you get, so if anyone has done some testing on
what territories you get flying in what direction, please email me. Also, it
changes how long you fly in the distance... so the longer the fly the more
territories you might get. If you'd like to read about a lot of people's
findings, the original topic (with some low quality pics) is here:

It seems the optimum time people have figured out is 3 hours (real life
time). You can also check how many new ones you've gotten without killing
yourself by just pausing the game and checking the stats menu.

Found by: Agent Ozzy

--- [Walk on Air] ---

Description: Take a helicopter to the red bridge in the northwest corner of
the map. Fly over the road block and towards the first set of pillars. Get
to the second highest vertical bar, and go towards the two pillars. You
should be able to slowly descend until you hit an invisible surface. This
surface lasts a short distance away from the bridge, but you can run towards
Las Venturas without falling off for about half the bridge. If you're unsure
where you can walk, just take out a gun and shoot the ground. If you see a
bullet mark, there is still solid ground there.
Note: You can only do this before you've unlocked Las Venturas. After, it
seems the invisible plane to walk on disappears.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../walkonair1.jpg
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../walkonair2.jpg

--- [Mountain Bike Morph] ---

Description: Go to the top of Mount Chiliad and hop on the Mountain Bike. If
you don't have a parachute in your inventory, grab one behind the Journey
before getting on the bike. Once you're on, the Chiliad Challenge race will
start. Ride to your left instead of on the track, and go over the cliff.
Now, get off the bike by hitting triangle, and open your parachute. After
your drop a little bit, you'll be respawned on the top of the mountain. The
only difference is this time your parachute is still open! You can now ride
over the mountain and do insane stunts, because you won't fall off. Also, if
you'd like to ride wherever you want, finish the race and you can ride around
being morphed to your bike. The following picture shows me, after doing a
stunt off the cliff, and then being morphed back up to where you start.
Plus, it was a Triple Insane Stunt as well.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...keparamorph.jpg
Found by: Psy

--- [Flying Fish] ---

Description: A simple glitch, just throw a grenade or some other explosive
into the water, near a school of fish. They'll then explode upwards, but
still swim around in the air.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../flyingfish.jpg

--- [Free Vigilante Levels] ---

Description: You can use this glitch all the way past level 12, to get the
150% armour boost. Firstly, get a police car and drive to a fast food place
like Burger Shot or Clucking Bell. Activate the R3 mission, and park your
car so that when you leave the car you'll land exactly on the yellow entrance
marker. Exit the vehicle, and you'll be put inside. Wait until you see the
countdown to re-enter a police vehicle, and continue to wait until you see
"Threat Eliminated".

When there are more than one criminal, which you get in higher levels,
you'll have to continue to enter and leave the building to get each of them.
It should take 30 seconds to kill each criminal when you're inside, but if
your countdown is nearing 0 you should go back out, and come back in again.
Continue to do this until you pass level 12 and get your armour boost!
Found by: Clapter

Note: The reason this works is because all interiors are in the sky. The
best guess is that the criminals are spawned at your height level in the
restaurant, and it takes them roughly 30 seconds to drop down to the ground,
flip, and die.

--- [Falling Peds] ---

Description: Head to the gym in the northern area of Las Venturas. Go into
the nearby alley, and stand right behind the back of the bomb shop. Stand
behind the wall in the alley, and look at the building in the north-east
direction. The peds spawn on the top of the building, and you can see them
walk off and fall to the street. You can run up to the building once you've
seen a ped spawn, but you can't stand under the building and wait for them to
fall on top of you. Peds only spawn when they're a certain distance away
from you, so stay in the alley and watch the falling peds from there. The
ped can be seen in the picture, on the front side of the building directly in
front of where CJ is looking.

Note: Some people have been emailing me saying this is actually some sort of
Lemmings Easter Egg. However, to me it seems such an arbitrary place, and
performs more like a glitch than an easter egg. Think what you'd like
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta.../fallingped.jpg
Found by: Nightcom

--- [Falling Peds II] ---

Description: Head to the Pizza Stack in East Los Santos (north of the Johnson
house). You should see a large telephone line pole, in the back parking lot,
near the curb of the road. Stand on the opposite sidewalk where the alleyway
begins, and face away from it. Then, hit R3 to look behind, and sometimes
you'll see a pedestrian fly up the pole, then fall down the pole. Sometimes
they die, sometimes they live.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...allingpeds2.jpg
Found by: tokai.

--- [Unlimited Two Wheel Bonus] ---

Description: Go to the Import/Export Crane and grab the Forklift in the small
garage, just south of the crane. Drive the Forklift out and then operate the
crane, and hook the magnet up to the Forklift. Make sure you let out all the
slack in the line before re-entering the Forklift. Now, drive the Forklift
away from the crane until you start to lift in the air. Turn to the side now
so that only one side of the car is on the ground, and the other is in the
air. When you'd like to stop getting the two wheel bonus, just drive
forwards so both wheels come down again. I went for 187 seconds myself, but
you can go for as long as you'd like. This picture shows me after I did a
shorter two wheel bonus, inside the warehouse building. You can use any
vehicle for this, I just found the Forklift easier.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...unlim2wheel.jpg

--- [Unlimited Time for Checkpoint Races] ---

Description: This same trick also worked in GTA3. Start up a checkpoint
race, such as the BMX one in Los Santos' skate park. Let the timer run down
until it's near 0. As soon as it hits zero, drive through a checkpoint.
You'll get the bonus time, but now the mission timer is gone and you can take
as much time as you need. It may take a few tries to get it to work, because
if you go to slow through the checkpoint after the timer runs out, the
mission ends.

--- [Unlimited Stoppie] ---

Description: Hop on a BMX bike, and make sure your cycling stats are maxed
for this to work best. Perform a wheelie, and just continue pushing forwards
with the analog stick and holding the brake. You can stay forwards for as
long as you'd like. Let go of forwards to drop back and end the stoppie
Found by: athf_nate12

--- [Unlimited Flips and Rotation] ---

Description: Go to the I/E Crane in San Fierro, and bring a car with you.
Get into the crane, and hook it up to the car. Now, raise the car about CJ's
height off the ground. You want it to be as high as possible, but low enough
so that CJ can still get in. Once it's at a good height and your inside the
car, you can move the car around in the air with the left analog stick.
Perform as many rotations or flips as you'd like. Once you want to stop,
just hold the car forwards, or backwards, so one end touches the ground. I
got $1500, and a Double Insane Stunt bonus, for doing the following stunt:
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...mfliprotate.jpg
Found by: six_plus_one

--- [Light Speed Tractors] ---

Description: Hop on a Tractor, which can conveniently be found in the forest
area of Los Santos. Now, if you haven't noticed already, the Tractor has the
same ability as the Tow Truck. Use the right analog stick to control the
back, and start looking for a large truck. Anything large will do, such as a
Linerunner, Journey, or Hot Dog Van (Note: Hot Dog Van works best). Hook up
the Tractor to the large vehicle, and don't worry if the other has a driver
in it or not. Start driving straight with it hooked on behind, and then make
a sharp turn to one side. The screen will blur, in a similar effect to NOS,
and the Tractor will go flying along with whatever you were towing. Most
often, the vehicle you were towing will fall off and go rolling in the
distance, so you may have to find another car to hook up again. Just
continue to turn sharply to either side to get the insane boost in the
Tractor once you have another vehicle hooked up.

Someone really needs to try this, if you get the chance. Take up a tractor
to the top of Mount Chiliad, and you can use the Journey parked up there to
tow. If you can time your sharp turn right, you should be able to fly off
the mountain at the speed of NOS, and go flying over San Andreas... please
email me with your story if this works!
Found by: Pyralar

--- [Shamal Warp] ---

Description: First, find any sort of motorcycle and drive to any airport.
Find a Shamal parked in the airport, and drive up to the side that you enter
the plane (the plane's left). Shoot out both your tires with any sort of
gun, and drive straight towards the area where the wing meets the plane, at
the front. Position yourself at a 45 degree angle and start burning out
(brake and gas). Hit triangle, and CJ will jump off the bike on the right
side and into the wing. He'll then be warped onto the nearest highway.

Make sure that you're not too close to the wing, or CJ will simply jump off
the bike on the left side, which does nothing.
Position Yourself:
Where You End Up:
Found by: sleepyturtle1

--- [SubUrban's Ammunation] ---

Description: Head into any SubUrban clothing store. Make sure you have a
camera on you. Now, go up to the mirror that's beside where you change your
clothes. Look through your camera and zoom in. You'll see the inside of an
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...uburbanammu.jpg
Found by: Snorky-D

--- [Inside Restricted Area] ---

Description: After you've completed the mission "Black Project", you
technically can't get back inside the restricted area. However, here's a
method to do so. Get to the restricted area with a jetpack in blue hell,
using any of the blue hell jumps found in this guide. Fly down and you'll
see the long column where you first got the Jetpack. Go under this, and then
go straight down. You'll end up respawning inside there with a new jetpack
beside you. You'll have 5 stars, but only county police show up so you
shouldn't have a problem. Have fun exploring, because there are quite a few
guns in there, including the minigun and some armour. You can't get out
without dying, though.

Left Column: http://gtadomain.gta...ecrets/ira1.jpg
Control Room: http://gtadomain.gta...ecrets/ira2.jpg
3D SA Map: http://gtadomain.gta...ecrets/ira3.jpg
Lots of Cops: http://gtadomain.gta...ecrets/ira4.jpg

--- [Maverick/Car Fusion] ---

Description: This one seems to happen a lot at the police parking lot in San
Fierro. It's located just before the area where the large grey bridge
(beside the train track bridge) goes to Las Venturas. You can also spot it
because it has a helipad with a Maverick. Head into the parking garage, and
continue going through the parking lot to the back. There are quite a few
parked cars down there (mostly Police cars) except at the back, where there
are a few random ones. You'll see a Maverick spawn down there, but it always
goes inside of another car. You can push it yourself out of the other car,
or just enter the vehicle and the Maverick will pop out. Here are a few

Fused Perennial:
Fused Sabre: http://gtadomain.gta.../fusewsabre.jpg

--- [Borrow Money from Casino] ---

Description: If you borrow money from the casino and end up in debt, some odd
things can end up happening. When you're taken to a hospital, you get $100
rather than having to pay $100. If you have to go to a Pay N Spray during a
mission (or on your own), you can't because you don't have money. Also, you
can never buy food so you eventually always die of hunger. When you do a
Unique Stunt, it'll still say it gives you $500, but it actually resets your
debt to 0.
Found by: Ian H

--- [Get Inside Toll Booth] ---

Description: You know those toll booths that open entrances for your at
airports? You can't even jump inside them, but I've managed this...
Kart: http://gtadomain.gta...s/tollbooth.jpg

To do this, head to the San Fierro airport. Once inside, head to the
northwest corner where there is another toll booth. It's slightly not solid;
you can drive half a car into it. However, the Kart is nice and small, so if
you drive into the south wall, or west wall, you may go through or may see
inside and not make it through. It could take a few tries. You can also get
out, once inside.
Toll booth wall found by: neonspinnaz24

--- [Melting CJ] ---

Description: Grab a Mountain Bike (there's one at the skate park in LS, and
one at the base of Mount Chiliad). Press and hold square to reverse, and
then rapidly press X while still holding square. CJ will start to oddly
twist and stretch off the bike into the side of the screen. If you let go of
both at the same time, you can then continue rapidly hitting X to see how
long you can keep CJ like this. After a while, he'll shrink back down to the
right size on the bike.
Found by: Waterbottle
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...s/meltingcj.jpg

--- [Cheap Crane] ---

Description: Head to the Clown's Pocket in Las Venturas. There, you'll find
a crane which can be entered by pressing triangle. The crane doesn't work
very well though; if you try and pick up a car, it'll just go through it.
However, you can grab the boxes stacked near the crane, tow them up in the
air, and leave them floating. It makes for some weird pictures.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...crets/crane.jpg

--- [Frozen Gang Fight] ---

Description: If you've provoked a gang war and are in the middle of a fight,
try going out on a date. All gang members will stand still, no matter how
close you get to them. They'll only attack you if provoked, but then your
girl may even come to help out! Denise started kicking a Ballas member, then
the Ballas guy ran away... funny stuff.

--- [Sky High Drop] ---

Description: During the mission "Beat Down on B-Dup", right at the start
after the cutscene, get into a car. Now slowly drive over Sweet, so that you
run him over without killing him. He should be stuck under the car, but
still alive. As soon as he's pinned underneath, run to the Johnson house and
go inside. You'll get a message saying "Mission Failed!" "Sweet Died!", and
you'll start to drop. It'll take a while, but eventually you'll drop all the
way back down to the roof of the Johnson house. You may want to bring a
parachute when you try this!
Found by: Derek E

8. Rare Vehicles [RV01]

What everything stands for...
BP - Bulletproof
FP - Fireproof
EP - Explosion Proof
DP - Damage Proof

-----------[8.A Unique Vehicles]----------

--- [BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre] ---

Special Qualities: Bulletproof, Fireproof, Explosion Proof, Damage Proof
During Mission: Tanker Commander (Catalina)
Instructions: When you first meet Catalina in Dillimore ("First Date") she
will give you four locations to rob. The first one is right down the road at
the gas station. Drive into the red marker to trigger the mission. Now a
(locked) Sabre has spawned in the parking lot of the gas station. It's
quite easy to push it on the road by foot and then use the tanker to push it
straight down the street to your garage. Remember, before pushing the Sabre
into your garage, kill Catalina to fail the mission. Otherwise, the car might
Instructions by: blane
Confirmed by: blane

--- [BP/FP/EP Patriot] ---

Special Qualities: Bulletproof, Fireproof, Explosion Proof
During Mission: Cesar's Courier Missions
Instructions: Right after finishing "Are You Going to San Fierro?" you will
get a call from Cesar about the first crack delivery to SF. It will be the
coveted Patriot (the first courier always is).

Now, take any vehicle and head to the junkyard north of Angel Pine and take
the Tow Truck. Then head back directly to northeast San Fierro, ignore the
courier's route. Park on the right side of the walkway at Esplanade North.
The Patriot will eventually arrive there, mo matter what route he takes.
After circling some rounds it should eventually come to a stop. Now the
tricky part begins.

If you have bad luck, the patriot will get hit by a trolley and flip (that
happened several times to me). You can try to push the wreck to your next
garage, but I would rather not choose to. If it stays upright, try to attach
it to the tow truck.

Important: If you ever lose contact with the Patriot it might seem to vanish
(like in GTA3/VC where special cars disappeared when you lost sight of them

while pushing). However, most often it is still there: it just "teleported"
in a radius of about 30 yards. I know that sounds strange, but it happened
to me several times. I know it was the exact same car, as the OG homie was
still sitting inside.

However, rest should be obvious: Tow the car to your next garage, push it in
and viola, there you have your Patriot. If you are unfortunate, a trolley
might hit it just before your garage. But you can push the wreck into the
garage, it will convert into the desired vehicle.
Instructions by: blane
Confirmed by: blane

--- [BP/FP/EP Savanna] ---

Special Qualities: Bulletproof, Fireproof, Explosion Proof
During Mission: High Stakes, Low-Rides (Cesar)
Instructions: During the mission, when you reach the finish line, wait in
front of it, and do not finish the race until the other racers are close to
the finish line. Pull into the finish line to win, if Cesar didn't crash,
his car will be among those that show-up. Do not fire any weapons as they
will spook the drivers. Cesar remains in the car, and you cannot obtain it.
However, if you hit his car with another vehicle, Cesar will climb out and
attempt to attack you. Kill him, than push his Savanna back to a garage.
Instructions by: CoyoteMystro
Confirmed by: CoyoteMystro

--- [BP/FP/EP Elegy] ---

Special Qualities: Bulletproof, Fireproof, Explosion Proof
During Mission: Farewell My Love...
Instructions: To obtain this vehicle that Woozie drives, start the mission,
and force Woozie off the cliff into the water near the start of this race,
near the curvy turns in The Panopticon. Once his car falls into the water,
turn around, his car will reappear on the road. Sometimes it'll drive off,
sometimes it won't. If the vehicle doesn't move, than exit your vehicle, let
the count-down run out so that you fail the mission. Then, reenter your car,
and strike Woozie's Elegy with your vehicle so that he will exit. Kill him
than push his Elegy to a garage.
Instructions by: CoyoteMystro
Confirmed by: CoyoteMystro

--- [BP/FP Tahoma] ---

Special Qualities: Bulletproof, Fireproof
After Mission: House Party (OG Loc)
Instructions: After passing the mission there should be two locked Tahomas in
Grove Street. You can push them easily to your garage.
Instructions by: blane
Confirmed by: CoyoteMystro

--- [BP Forklift] ---

Special Qualities: Bulletproof
During Mission: Robbing Uncle Sam
Instructions: During the mission, simply leave Ryder behind and drive off in
the Forklift to your garage. Ryder will die, you'll fail the mission, and
then you can save it in the garage.
Confirmed by: Section 408

--- [BP Tanker] ---

Special Qualities: Bulletproof
During Mission: Tanker Commando
Instructions: When instructed to jump in the tanker, do so, then jump out and
blast Catalina to fail mission, jump back into tanker, and drive to a garage.
Note: There are only 2 garages big enough to store the Tanker this early in
the game, the one near Cesars in Verdant Bluffs and the garage in Santa Maria
Beach.Instructions by: jbone665
Confirmed by: jbone665

--- [FP Greenwood] ---

Special Qualities: Fireproof
During Mission: Drive-Thru
Instructions: Simple really. The car you're using is actually flameproof,
and stays that way when saved.
Instructions by: CoyoteMystro
Confirmed by: CoyoteMystro

--- [FP Blade] ---

Special Qualities: Fireproof
During Mission: High Stakes, Low-Rides
Instructions: During the mission, the opponent vehicle is fireproof. There
are probably a few ways to obtain it, but here is an easy way to get this
vehicle and the others. You'll need to simply fail with a tow-truck. First,
find a Towtruck, then bring it to a house away from the mission marker.
Steal one of the low-riders near the mission starter and drive into the
marker to trigger the mission. Once the mission starts, let Cesar go ahead,
exit the low-rider, and head back to your Towtruck. Use the Towtruck to tow
your low-rider to the starting point. Park the Towtruck a car length or two
behind where you would start in this race. Exit the Towtruck, reenter the
low-rider and drive into the starting marker. After the count-down ends,
quickly exit your vehicle and enter the Towtruck. Hurry and drive as quickly
as you can to catch up with the other racers as you only have about 20
seconds before you fail the mission from exiting the low-rider. Once you
catch-up with them, you fail, but continue chasing after them, they'll
eventually stop at an intersection at Santa Maria Beach. Simply hit the
vehicle you want with the Towtruck to make the driver leave the car, kill the
driver, than tow his vehicle back to your garage.
Instructions by:
Confirmed by: CoyoteMystro

--- [FP Majestic] ---

Special Qualities: Fireproof
During Mission: High Stakes, Low-Rides
Instructions: Refer to the strategy of how to get the FP Blade, it's the same
thing, different car.
Instructions by: CoyoteMystro
Confirmed by: CoyoteMystro

--- [FP Remington] ---

Special Qualities: Fireproof
During Mission: High Stakes, Low-Rides
Instructions: Refer to the strategy of how to get the FP Blade, it's the same
thing, different car.
Instructions by: CoyoteMystro
Confirmed by: CoyoteMystro

--- [Mothership] ---

Special Qualities: Custom Paintjob
During Mission: Riot (The Truth)
Instructions: Snipe Sweet through the windshield of the Greenwood and take
the Mothership, which should be parked there. Park it in any garage.
Instructions by: Master DL
Confirmed by: Master DL
Alternate Method:

During Mission: Are You Going to San Fierro? (The Truth)
Instructions: After burning all the weed and taking out the helicopter, you
simply kill The Truth and drive the car back to a garage.
Instructions by: blane
Confirmed by: blane

--- [Hood Up Police Car] ---

Special Qualities: Custom Paintjob
Instructions: Head to the police garage in San Fierro, it's beside the two
bridges heading to Las Venturas. Now, go underground to the parking garage.
One of the first cars you'll see is a Police car with its hood up. You can
drive this around, even at full speed, and the hood won't fall off. Weird.
Picture: http://gtadomain.gta...rets/hoodup.jpg

-----------[8.B Other]----------

--- [Locked Cars] ---

Description: If you see a locked car you'd like to get into, putting it into
any of your garages will unlock it. You can push it there yourself, or, the
more easier way would be to tow it there with either a Tractor or Tow Truck.
Back up and unhook it in the garage, then let the door close. Go inside and
it will then be unlocked.

--- [Get Hydra Early] ---

Description: To get it before 100% and before you receive it in a mission,
you'll have to be in Las Venturas first. Once you've unlocked street races,
go the Las Venturas airport and start the race called "Military Service".
The race starts off with you, in a Hydra, at the airplane graveyard. Just go
beside the hangar there and wait for it to open. Then, park it inside, and
run away so the garage closes. Once the timer runs out, quit the race
selection screen, and go back to the abandoned airport. The Hydra will be
waiting for you in the hangar!
Found by: Neil Turner

--- [Get a Kart] ---

Description: Similar to the Hydra trick, start up the street races from the
south location in San Fierro. Choose the go-karting race, and then drive the
Go-Kart all the way to your garage by the construction site. Park it inside,
let the garage close, and then run away until time runs out. Exit from the
race selection screen, and drive to your garage. You'll see the Kart
parked in there to be used any time.

Another suggestion, by gator455: Another spot the Kart is located is near
CJ's house. Head from CJ's house to the empty water canal, and on the other
side under the bridge you'll find the Kart. However, you won't find it there
at the start of the game. It's believed to be found there after completing
all the story missions. If you've found otherwise, please email me.

Another location, by tiger61378: The Kart can be found at the lower entrance
to Madd Dogg's Crib (the one that leads to the narrow downhill road) after
completing the mission "Cut Throat Business".

10. Tips [TS01]

-----------[10.A General Tips]----------

--- [What to Mod at Wheels Arch Angels] ---

Description: Because the Wheels Arch Angels shop is designed for sports cars
only, it is sometimes a pain to go there only to find out your car can't be
modded there. However, just remember, that any car that spawns inside of
Wang's Automotives can be taken to the Wheels Arch Angels mod shop and be
modded there. The only exception to this rule is that the Savanna can't be
modded there.
Submitted by: Tony A, spkrchn

--- [Get All 6 Gang Members to Travel With You] ---

Description: A lot of people have been asking me what's the point of having a
6 man gang when they can't travel with you. Well, Derrick has sent me
solutions in each mode of travel:
Land: A Coach or Bus can carry all the members of your gang.
Sea: All your gang members will follow you on any boat, once you start to
drive. It's better to have more standing room in the boat, so using a Jetmax
isn't your best choice.
Air: Use the AT-400 in Las Venturas to bring all 6 members with you.

--- [Leaning Forwards on Bikes] ---

Description: I shouldn't have to add this, but I guess some people still
don't know. To go faster on a bike than normally accelerating, hold the left
analog stick slightly forwards. If CJ is standing up on the bike, you're
pushing up too hard. You want his head to dip down below the bike. You'll
get the blur effect in seconds like this. This trick goes back to Vice City,
although it was harder to tell it worked in that game.

--- [Map Marker] ---

Description: Pause the game, and press X to enter the map menu. There, use
circle to pinpoint a location. It'll show up on your radar all the time
until you take it off. It's especially great if you're looking for specific
things from this FAQ.

11. Special Items [SI01]

-----------[11.A Items]----------

--- [Parachutes] ---

Parachutes are always found in high places around San Andreas. Here's a
1) On top of tallest building in Los Santos at the Mulholland intersection in
Los Santos. You can enter the building from the bottom by stepping into the
yellow marker. You can also take a bike up and use it to jump off.
2) On top of Mount Chiliad. It's by the parked cars, slightly off the road
and on the rocks. You can take a helicopter up to the top, or take the hard
way and drive up.
3) On top of Big Pointy Building in San Fierro. You can warp up by entering
the doors at the bottom of the building. There is no yellow marker however.
4) On the top of the northern end of the big red bridge, in the northwest
side of the map.
5) On the top of a broadcasting tower in Bone County, Las Venturas, just a
short distance southwest of the restricted area. Walk to the base of the
tower and it'll place you at the top. You can't get back down,
unfortunately, without using the parachute.
6) Entering a plane after obtaining your pilot's license will automatically
give you a parachute.
7) Inside a shack in the desert, there's also a Sanchez sitting near it.
It's just west of the abandoned airstrip.

You can use a parachute and then it disappears from your inventory. You can
also base jump off a roof, bail out of a plane, or bail out of a vehicle from
a high point to use the parachute.

--- [Goggles] ---

There are two types of goggles to be found around San Andreas. One type is
night vision goggles, and the other is infrared goggles. There are 4
locations to get infrared goggles, and 3 locations to get the night vision
ones. To equip one, hit circle when it's selected in your items inventory.
It will then stay on while you switch to other weapons. The easiest place to
find a pair of infrared goggles is under "The Big Ear", which is the large
satellite in Las Venturas. There's also a pair in the back of Zero's RC
shop. If you'd like to find night vision goggles, just go to Madd Dogg's
Crib and you'll find it inside the building. If you can't go inside, you can
find another pair in the restricted area of Las Venturas. It's on the west
side, on top of one of the outlook towers.

--- [Jetpack] ---

This contains some spoilers. You'll receive the Jetpack after completing the
abandoned airstrip missions and acquire it. You actually get the Jetpack,
and have a chance to use it, during the "Black Project" mission at the
airstrip, where you have to recover it for The Truth. But, it won't start
spawning at the airstrip until you beat the mission after that, called Green
Goo. It spawns right beside the entrance to the safehouse, and it is used as
an item in your inventory. You'll still be able to select from several
specific weapons to use to shoot with it while flying.

Or, you can get the Jetpack anytime you want. Use the following cheat: Left,
Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right.

-----------[11.B Gifts]----------

--- [Dildo] ---

Yes, the double sided dildos are real weapons in the game. They're pretty
strong too; it takes 3 hits to kill someone. To find one, go into any police
station and enter the showers at the back to find it. You'll get some felony
when you go back there, but you can easily get rid of the felony afterwards
by going to a Pay N Spray. The dildos can also be used as gifts. Just go up
your girlfriend and give it to her by pressing L1.

--- [Flowers] ---

There are a total of 39 locations to find flowers all around San Andreas.
They can be used as weapons, and do a fair bit of damage. You can also give
them to your girlfriend by pressing L1. Some are harder to find than most
items, so you'll have to look in the bushes most of the time. An easy
location to find one is in Glen Park, on the southeast side.

--- [Vibrator] ---

This one is certainly hard to find. It was originally thought by many people
that it was taken out of the game, because you could still find the icon on
the game disc. Here is Sean H's description on where to find it: "You can
find the Vibrator at the southern part of Bayside. It's location is fairly
easy to find and here is how you find it: As you go down the long road that
curves to the right which takes you into Bayside, take the second left and
follow that road until you come to a portion where the left part of the road
is blocked off by road cautions and an orange dumpster behind it. Drive (or
walk) through the road blockers and look behind the dumpster, the vibrator
will be there. It is somewhat hard to see since it is fairly small and
silverish-white in color which blends very well with the dumpster."

The vibrators can also be used as gifts. Just go up your girlfriend and give
it to her by pressing L1.
Found by: Sean H, otr80, and Kevan D

12. Unlocking Items [UL01]

-----------[12.A Checklist]----------

--- [Unlocking Checklist] ---

A simple list of everything you can unlock. It's organized in sections, so
you'll see related things together.

| [ ] 100% Completion | Stats and Cash Boost |
| | Rhino and Hydra Delivered |
| | to CJ's House |
| | Infinite ammo on weapons |
| | |
| [ ] 100 Tags | Tec-9; AK-47; Molotovs; and |
| | Sawed-Off Shotgun at CJ's |
| | House |
| | |
| [ ] 50 Snapshots | Sniper Rifle; Micro SMG; |
| | Shotgun; Grenades; at San |
| | Fierro garage |
| | |
| [ ] 50 Oysters | Increased Lung Capacity and |
| | Sex Appeal |
| | |
| [ ] 50 Horseshoes | Increased Luck; M4; MP5; |
| | Shotgun; Satchels; at Four |
| | Dragons Casino |
| | |
| [ ] Hitman Level with Pistols | Dual Pistols |
| [ ] Hitman Level with MP5 | Dual MP5 |
| [ ] Hitman Level with Sawed-Off Shotguns | Dual Sawed-Off Shotguns |
| [ ] Hitman Level with Tec-9s | Dual Tec-9s |
| | |
| [ ] Finish Level 10 of Pimping (R3) | Prostitutes pay you money |
| [ ] Finish Level 12 of Firetrucks (R3) | CJ's fireproof |
| [ ] Finish Level 12 of Vigilante (R3) | Max Armour now 150 |
| [ ] Finish Level 12 of Ambulance (R3) | Max Health now 150 |
| [ ] Finish 50 fares in Taxi (R3) | Nitro on Taxis |
| | |
| [ ] Date Barbara | Keep weapons after being |
| | busted |
| [ ] Date Katie | Keep weapons after being |
| | wasted |
| [ ] Get 100% relationship with Katie | Medic Outfit |
| [ ] Get 100% relationship with Denise | Pimp Outfit |
| [ ] Get 100% relationship with Michelle | Racing Outfit |
| [ ] Get 100% relationship with Barbara | Police Outfit |
| [ ] Get 100% relationship with Helena | Overalls Outfit |
| [ ] Get 100% relationship with Millie | Gimp Outfit |
| | |
| [ ] Complete mission 555 We TiP | Valet Outfit |
| [ ] Complete mission The Key to her Heart | Gimp Outfit |
| | |
| [ ] Collect 5 vehicles at I/EDock | Monster vehicle |
| [ ] Collect 10 vehicles at I/EDock | Windsor vehicle |
| [ ] Collect 15 vehicles at I/EDock | Bandito vehicle |
| [ ] Collect 20 vehicles at I/EDock | Turismo vehicle |
| [ ] Collect 25 vehicles at I/EDock | Dune vehicle |
| [ ] Collect 30 vehicles at I/EDock | Bullet vehicle |
| | |
| [ ] Get all Bronzes in Driving School | Super GT vehicle |
| [ ] Get all Silvers in Driving School | Bullet vehicle |
| [ ] Get all Golds in Driving School | Hotknife vehicle |
| | |
| [ ] Get all Bronzes in Pilot School | Rustler plane |
| [ ] Get all Silvers in Pilot School | Stunt Plane |
| [ ] Get all Golds in Pilot School | Hunter helicopter |
| | |
| [ ] Get all Bronzes in Boat School | Marquis boat |
| [ ] Get all Silvers in Boat School | Squallo boat |
| [ ] Get all Golds in Boat School | Jetmax boat |
| | |
| [ ] Get all Bronzes in Bike School | Freeway bike |
| [ ] Get all Silvers in Bike School | FCR-900 bike |
| [ ] Get all Golds in Bike School | NRG-500 bike |
| | |
| [ ] 1st Place in Dirt Ring in Las Venturas | BF Injection |
| [ ] Beat score of 25 at Dirtring | Bandit |
| [ ] Total Time up to 1 minute in Bloodring | Bloodring Banger vehicle |
| [ ] 1st Place in 8 Track in Los Santos | Monster Truck |
| | |
| [ ] Finish 4 levels of deliveries in SF | Asset: Hippy Shopper |
| [ ] Finish 7 Quarry missions in LV | Asset: Hunter Quarry |
| [ ] Finish 5 levels valet missions in SF | Asset: Valet Parking |
| [ ] Finish missions at airstrip in LV | Asset: Abandoned Airstrip |
| [ ] Finish 4 levels of deliveries in LV | Asset: Burger Shot |
| [ ] Finish 4 levels of deliveries in LS | Asset: Robois Food Mart |
| [ ] Finish missions at Wang Cars in SF | Asset: Wang Cars |
| [ ] Finish Zero's missions in SF | Asset: Zero's RC |
| | |
| [ ] Win All Street Races | $1000000 |

~ Official Strategy Guide, DJDeeJay, Mr T Vercetti, DaveMBJr, Swiftshark,

-----------[12.B Finding]----------

--- [Tags] ---

Tags are gang logos you'll see on walls all over Los Santos. There are 100
in total. Collecting all 100 is required for 100%. To complete each one,
you'll have to have a spray paint can in your inventory. Go up to a tag and
use R1 to target it, then spray it over by using the item. Find and cover
all 100 to get your reward of a Tec-9, AK-47, Molotovs, and Sawed-Off Shotgun
at CJ's House. To help you out, I've made a map of all of them, with
pictures of each: http://gtadomain.gta...com/tagmap.html

--- [Snapshots] ---

Snapshots are little, floating icons of a camera you can see only in San
Fierro. To find one, you must be looking through a camera lens. To take a
picture of one so that it registers in your stats, you'll need to zoom up to
it, and hit the L1 button. There are 50 in total, and you can normally find
them in high, picturesque places like the top of a skyscraper or tower. Get
all 50 and you'll receive the Sniper Rifle, Micro SMG, Shotgun, and Grenades,
at your San Fierro garage. Collecting all 50 is required for 100%, as well.
To help you out, I've made a map of all of them, with pictures of each that
you can find here: http://gtadomain.gta...com/photos.html

--- [Horseshoes] ---

Horseshoes are found only in Las Venturas. There are 50 in total, and they
are actual horseshoes that float vertically in the air. They don't float in
the air like snapshots however, these you have to touch to pickup and are
always able to be reached by foot. Collecting all 50 is required for 100%,
as well. If you collect all 50, you get increased luck, the M4, MP5,
Shotgun, and Satchels, at the Four Dragons Casino.

--- [Oysters] ---

Oysters can be a pain to find. There are 50 in total, and they are found
underwater all around the entire state of San Andreas. To pick them up, just
touch them while you're diving underwater. The reward for all 50 is well
worth it though; you get increased lung capacity and sex appeal. Collecting
all 50 are required for 100%, as well.

-----------[12.C Other]----------

--- [100% Completion] ---

To get 100%, you must complete the following things:

[ ] All storyline and non-storyline missions
[ ] All side missions
[ ] All R3 missions done
[ ] All safe houses purchased
[ ] All gang tags, oysters, snapshots, and horseshoes

--- [Gun Levels] ---

You'll have to continue to use guns to get them up to the hitman level.
Hitman level is the ultimate one, where you can even wield two guns at the
same time, in the case of the Tec-9, Pistol, MP5 and Sawed-Off Shotgun. To
raise the level, just put the weapons to good use. Shooting people or
vehicles will slowly raise the level, and a message will pop up onscreen once
you've gained another level.

--- [R3 Missions] ---

There are quite a few R3 Missions you'll have to pass to get 100%. Here's a
list of them:

Ambulance: Pass level 12 to finish this ambulance missions. If you manage to
complete them, it's a nice reward of an upgrade in health; up to 150%.

Taxi: Complete 50 taxi missions, not necessarily in a row, to complete it.
Your reward is now all taxis have NOS already on them.

Vigilante: Complete level 12 to finish the vigilante missions. Your reward
is 150% armour. If you'd like to finish them the easy way, check out the
Vigilante glitch in the glitches section.

Pimp: Finish level 10 in the pimping missions to complete them. Now,
whenever you'd like to gain some health from prostitutes, they'll pay you
money instead of you paying them.

Fire truck: Finish level 12 to complete them. Your reward is very useful; CJ
becomes fireproof. He can run through flamethrower fires, but will still
take damage from blasts such as from grenades.

House Robbing: Continue to do this at night to get as much money as you'd
like to get. There is only 1 truck in each of the cities that allows you to
hit R3 and perform robberies. They can be found in:
Los Santos: Across from the gym by your safehouse
San Fierro: Next to the lockup, where you drop of the stolen goods
Las Venturas: Next to the lockup, where you drop of the stolen goods

--- [Girlfriends] ---

You'll meet various girls throughout your playing in San Andreas. As you go
out on more dates with a girl, your progress with her will go up. Getting
them to 100% will get you rewarded with a new outfit, which you can see
listed on the chart above of unlockables. The different girls are Denise,
Michelle, Helena, Katie, Barbara, and Millie.

--- [I/E Dock] ---

Similar to Vice City, you have to pick up cars that are listed at the
Import/Export Dock so that they can be delivered. However, you can also buy
cars here if you'd like, on certain days of the week. Here are the car
lists, in order, as there are 3 separate ones. The next list only becomes
available after you've completed the previous one. Here's all of the cars
you'll need to deliver.

| List 1 | List 2 | List 3 |
| [ ] Admiral | [ ] Blista Compact | [ ] Banshee |
| [ ] Buffalo | [ ] Cheetah | [ ] Blade |
| [ ] Camper | [ ] Comet | [ ] BF Injection |
| [ ] Feltzer | [ ] FCR-900 | [ ] Euros |
| [ ] Infernus | [ ] Rancher | [ ] Freeway |
| [ ] Patriot | [ ] Sabre | [ ] Huntley |
| [ ] Remington | [ ] Slamvan | [ ] Journey |
| [ ] Sanchez | [ ] Stafford | [ ] Mesa |
| [ ] Sentinel | [ ] Stallion | [ ] Super GT |
| [ ] Stretch | [ ] Tanker | [ ] ZR-350 |

--- [Schools] ---

There are four different schools to complete: Driving, Flying, Boating, and
Biking. Each one has different tests which you can fail, or pass with a
bronze, silver or gold. To get a bronze, get 70%-79%. To get a silver, pass
with a percentage of 80%-99%. To get a gold, you'll need to get 100%.
Here's a list of the things you must complete in each of the schools, to
pass, which is also printer-friendly:

| Driving School | Flight School |
| [ ] The 360 | [ ] Takeoff |
| [ ] The 180 | [ ] Land Plane |
| [ ] Whip and Terminate | [ ] Circle Airstrip |
| [ ] Pop and Control | [ ] Circle Airstrip and Land |
| [ ] Burn and Lap | [ ] Helicopter Takeoff |
| [ ] Cone Coil | [ ] Land Helicopter |
| [ ] The 90 | [ ] Destroy Targets |
| [ ] Wheelie Weave | [ ] Loop-the-Loop |
| [ ] Spin and Go | [ ] Barrel Roll |
| [ ] P.I.T. Maneuver | [ ] Parachute on Target |
| [ ] Alley Oop | |
| [ ] City Slicking | |
| Bike School | Boat School |
| [ ] The 360 | [ ] Basic Seamanship |
| [ ] The 180 | [ ] Plot a Course |
| [ ] The Wheelie | [ ] Fresh Slalom |
| [ ] Jump and Stop | [ ] Flying Fish |
| [ ] Jump and Stoppie | |

To get the rewards, you must have a minimum of all of the award. For
example, to get the reward for silver at the driving school, you must have
passed all tests with at least a silver medal.

--- [Races] ---

Along with street races, there are the stadium races called the 8 Track,
Bloodring and Dirtring. You must win each to get the rewards listed in the
chart at the start of this section. For the street races, you're placed in a
car so you do not get to choose what you drive. There's a wide variety as
well, from fast cars, to planes, to go-karts.

13. Stats [ST01]

-----------[13.A Stats Menu]----------

--- [Criminal Rankings] ---

Here's a list of all the criminal rankings, and when you attain each. You'll
see, listed at the bottom, about how the whole system works. Huge thanks
goes out to blaze8888888, who tested all of them and sent it to me. Thanks
to Diego S as well, who sent in the negatives and max/mins.

| Rank | Rating |
| Crackhead | -6000 - -10000 |
| Bitch-Made | -4000 - -5999 |
| Off-Brand | -2000 - -3999 |
| Scandalous | -500 - -1999 |
| Playa-Hater | -1 - -499 |
| Vic | 0-19 |
| Square | 20-49 |
| Civilian | 50-74 |
| Rat | 75-99 |
| Snitch | 100-119 |
| Dry Snitch | 120-149 |
| Transformer | 150-199 |
| Punk-Ass Bitch | 200-239 |
| Sucka | 240-269 |
| Poot-Butt | 270-299 |
| Buster | 300-339 |
| Mark | 340-369 |
| Chump | 370-399 |
| Trick | 400-449 |
| Red-Headed Stepchild | 450-499 |
| Peon | 500-549 |
| Pee-Wee | 550-599 |
| Prankster | 600-609 |
| Fool | 610-649 |
| Street Cat | 650-699 |
| Thug | 700-799 |
| Hustler | 800-999 |

How they work:

[ ] $5,000 = 1 point
[ ] 1 Mission Complete = 5 points
[ ] 1 Cheat = -10 points
[ ] 1 person killed = 1 point
[ ] 1 Plane/Helicopter, etc. blown up = 30 points
[ ] 1 Busted/Wasted = -3 points

-10000 is the minimum, and 1000000 is the maximum.

--- [Pilot Rankings] ---

I'm trying to find an ACCURATE list of numbers to accompany the list here,
that says how long you must fly. Also, I'm aware that Biggs and Wedge were
names from Final Fantasy, but those 2 names along with Maverick, Goose, etc,
were also from Top Gun. And, even before that, they were from Star Wars,
which seems to be the original time the names were used (thanks to Billy C
and others). Also, if you're wondering what "Noops" is, it's named after a
user of the IGN boards that flew the Dodo in GTA3 for 52 hours (of course, he
took breaks)!

| Time It Takes | Ranking |
| 0:00 - 0:05 | No Rating |
| 0:05 - 0:10 | Flyboy |
| 0:10 - 0:20 | Aircraftman |
| 0:20 - 0:30 | Pilot Officer |
| 0:30 - 1:00 | Corporal |
| 1:00 - 1:30 | Lieutenant |
| 1:30 - 2:00 | Sergeant |
| 2:00 - 2:30 | Captain |
| 2:30 - 3:00 | Biggs |
| 3:00 - 3:30 | Wedge |
| 3:30 - 4:00 | Red Baron |
| 4:00 - 4:30 | Goose |
| 4:30 - 5:00 | Viper |
| 5:00 - 6:00 | Jester |
| 6:00 - 7:00 | Chappy |
| 7:00 - 8:00 | Iceman |
| 8:00 - 9:00 | Maverick |
| 9:00 - 10:00 | Noops |
| 10:00 - 20:00 | Air Chief Marshal |
| 20:00 - 30:00 | Ace |

Thanks to Hotring887 for the flight times.

-----------[13.B Other]----------

--- [Respect] ---

Your respect meter that you see by hitting L1, is made up of the following
[ ] Running Respect (below): 40%
[ ] Mission Progress: 36%
[ ] Territory Under Control: 6%
[ ] Money: 6%
[ ] Fitness: 4%
[ ] Clothes: 4%
[ ] Girlfriend Progress: 4%

Your running respect is changed by the following factors:
[ ] Killing a dealer: +.005%
[ ] Killing a gang member: +.5%
[ ] Killing a member of your gang: -.005%
[ ] A member of your gang is killed: -2%
[ ] Territory gained: +30%
[ ] Territory lost: -3%
[ ] Law Enforcement killed: +%

Found by: Cody S, Crimsyn


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the link says... its from gtadomain

i think i already saw this in another GTA site :(

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Ubisoft should take a look at this...
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the link says... its from gtadomain

i think i already saw this in another GTA site :(

Plagiarism, perhaps?


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