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Gangs of Liberty City

Ok, which of these gangs is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Ok, which of these gangs is your favorite?

    • Mafia (Leone Family)
    • Yakuza
    • Triads
    • Diablos
    • Yardies
    • Purple Nines
    • Red Jacks

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chopsuey    0

yo wassup, my fave gang iz easily the yardies, cuz they have great cars and they sorta have theyre own radio station. WTF iz every 1 on about the yakuza been the best???? they suk, asuka is a ugly bitch and kenji has a strange a$$ voice, theyre cars arent too good either. (the colours)

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mike_subuzi    0

purple nines dont count as a gang because they just dissapear after you complete the d-ice missions so they definetly dont win

yardies wear ugly clothingand have mostly baseball bats so they are out

diablos just have bats so lets eliminated them

we now have 5 gangs left : mafia,red jackets,yakuza,cartel and triads so round 2 begins

the cartel are no fun when they shoot you on site but the mafia are cool on the first mission so out goes the cartel now the triads are loonatics and have no great culture so they are out as well

here goes round 3 they is yakuza,mafia and red jackets left

the mafia hate you and the yakuza want them dead for the first 2 of asukas missions so they are out and the red jackets hate you after you kill the purple nines because they thought you were shooting them

so the grand winner is the yakuza . see do it like that and you will find the best gang

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elliooo    0

Mafia is my favourite. Their car is great, a nice speedy sedan. Looks cool in black :P And the whole mafia thing is just cool in my opinon.

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