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New official GTA IV trailer

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MishoM    2

GameSpot.com today have added a fifth official trailer for GTA IV, despite us all being told “Good Lord, What Are You Doing? AKA Everyone’s a Rat” would be the last trailer before launch. It features some scenes we’ve definitely already seen, and also quite a few new ones. It’s worth the watch, and to me personally gives off the “launch trailer” type feeling, almost like something you would see on a commercial for the game (as in the “Welcome To The Jungle” trailer for San Andreas). You can see it below:

Edit: For some bizarre reason, the video below refuses to work. The trailer is still up and plays fine on GameSpot.com, and you can view it here. A working version can now be seen below.

Edit (2): Multiple members are reporting seeing said trailer on TV channels across the U.S. It seems this is the U.S. commercial for the game, much like how we were treated to new footage for the European commercial for the game. A YouTube version of the trailer can also be found


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mutu    0

Nice trailer. You know we always thought that the black heli was the police heli. But if you look at 0.30 you can see that it says "LCPD" on the heli. So that means that the LCPD has two different kinds of heli to use.

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