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PlayStation Network IDs

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This is what the PlayStation 3 topic is for...

Well actually, those topics in general gaming are for discussion of the console and its games, you can also post your gamertag in it if you want... these topics are dedicated to posting gamertags to members can easily find other members to play against ;)

...When was the last time you looked at the PlayStation 3 topic? I've been putting member's PSN IDs in the topic since early 07'.

OGTAM, that topic is 44 pages long and is cluttered with stuff other than PSN IDs. This topic is just for people to quickly run through some posts and find names without having to scroll down for a minute because someone decided to post 50 HD pictures of some racing game. Besides, this topic is convenient. :)

I put the PSN IDs on the first page...how hard is that?????

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Chris    237

This is in the multiplayer GTA IV forum, where more people are likely to come. By all means keep your list updated too. I know normally I'd say something about it being redundant or something but this is just for GTA IV. On yours you've got what games people play etc. They can use that for finding friends to play with in other games.

Now everyone be quiet, let's keep this all on topic.

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ninety    0
In this thread you post your PSN IDs, browse through the topic to find friends on this forum to play GTA IV with, when the game is out you could also say what game modes you play the most, then you'll get people adding you who also play the same modes.

I don't actually have a PS3 yet, but if you have a 360 too and want to add me on that, see the Xbox Live version of this thread, also pinned.

Please leave random discussion out of this thread, you should just post your PSN ID and if you like, what game modes you mostly play.

ninetyeight is my id add me just got the game

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