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GTA IV Rated “M For Mature” By ESRB

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MishoM    2


With only nearly a month to go before we’re all holding our copies of GTA IV, the game has today finally received its rating from the ESRB. GTA IV will be rated “M for Mature” in the United States, for “Partial nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, use of drugs and alcohol, blood, and intense violence.” This obviously means the game is just about compete, and that the chances of a last minute delay are getting smaller! The game should also receive its rating from other groups around the world soon, so stay tuned!

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MarkD1990    3
Hopefully it gets rated in Aus, the highest they will give is MA15+ so if it were adults only suitable, they would refuse to classify. so that could mean no gta4 for aus

They've already rated in australia its MA15+ that was said months ago if I remember right.

Plus hopefully BBFC gives it a rating soon

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