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With talking to more and more people, heres some more things the next GTA should have.

-Speedometer... everyone wants to see just how fast they are going... so give them a way to find out..

-when u choose the view 'inside the car' make it so that u ARE inside the car not on the front bumper. you should be able to see the dash and everything else.

- if you have a speedometer then u should deff. have a gas gage.. make gas stations useful... cars run out of gas so u have to fill them back up.

-you should get flat tires from running things over... not all the time but sometimes...

-i hate it when a cop runs into you and then they pull u over. thats bullcrap that should be changed

-The thing i loved most about Vice City was the purchase of Sun Shine Autos... it gave you Lots of grauge space. and then in the downtown you can buy 3 more grauges. thats how it should be on GTA4

-Have accutal sporting events... in the guide book it says 'support the local team'... well how can u do that when theres never a game??? make sporting events, whens a better time to go on a rampage? there isnt!! have sporting events so that you can have missions during them meet people there and make deals... or kill a lot of people... ur choice!

-grocery shopping!!! instead of always buying fast food buy things at 'save-a-lot' or the local 24/7. there should also be nice fansy places to eat. not just Cluck'n Bell

-If you remember in GTA3 when u got to 5 stars the little black FBI cars came after you. i dont know about you but i always stole one for in my grauge.. Where are they in GTA-SA??? you gotta have them in GTA4.

More ideas will be coming soon...

if you wanna talk more about anything email is

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