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Niko Painting Found on NYC Wall

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LiveJournal user 3rdrate has found something a little more interesting than the faux wanted posters you may have seen around New York, he's stumbled across a large artwork of Niko painted on a door in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the corner of North 5th St. & Bedford Ave to be precise.

niko_nyc_wall_1_th.jpg niko_nyc_wall_2_th.jpg niko_nyc_wall_3_th.jpg

In addition to the artwork. 3rdrate seems to believe that the wanted posters for different characters are in different areas of NYC, i.e. Niko's are up in Brooklyn, Elizabeta's would be in the Bronx, etc. If this is the case, let us know if you find any others.

Thanks PlanetGTA

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