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Flatbed and Bus

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GTA Don    0

I think the Flatbed might be available in Portland in the beginning of the game, when you have to pick up Misty? Sorry if the names wrong, haven't played GTA3 in a few months. I'm not sure about the Bus, I think it's available in Staunton sometimes, in a 1 mile radius of Toni's apartment from LCS.

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TNF    0
I've found both cruising around either in Portland (by Punk Noodles) & Stauten Island (by the stadium). Just cruise

around the area for a while.

You could also try doing Fire & Vigilante missions, sometimes rare cars show up for those.

Thank you, I cruised around Callaghan Bridge and Chinatown and eventually found them and took them to the garage. :coolthumbup:

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