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Three New GTAIV Screenshots

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mark123    0
Excellent shots again, the lighting is very impressive. I can't wait for some of the cop chase scenes that'll happen, with the new Burnout style damage system. :D

yeah when i first got burnout paradise the first thing i thought about was that recent shot of the what looked like a phantom cars damage. i will be reallly happy if its like that i always try to see how much damage it will take before the car gets wrecked in burnout. this games gonna be awesome.. i was dissapointed for a late april release though was expecting early march or something :( oh well . spose that'll let me get my exams out the way!

awesome shots .. the cars are really starting to look a lot better from when we first saw them!

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Gycu    1
:dribble: The lighting effects rock! these are the best screens since the one with the helicoper ( still on my desktop background ) ... I'll set the 2nd or the 3rd one as my background when HR pics will be avaible ...

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