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GTA3 Signed by Jack Thompson

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IllusionMPN    0

Up for auction is a physical piece of gaming irony - a copy of Grand Theft Auto III signed by Jack Thompson. I had this personally signed for me at this year's VGXPO in Philadelphia where Mr. Thompson participated in an open panel debate about violence in video games. The debate was between Mr. Thompson and Mr. Lorne Lanning (creater of the Oddworld series of video games). Before the debate I approached Mr. Thompson and briefly talked to him, where I requested an autograph and a photo (both shown below). As you can see it says "To Nick" before the signature, which is signed in blue sharpie marker. The signature is on the paper inlay sleeve, NOT the outside of the plastic. The game and all inserts are in pristine MINT shape, and is contained inside a larger plastic sleeve for protection.


This item is ironic because Mr. Thompson is an attorney notorious in the gaming community for attempting to ban all violent video game sales to minors, and has developed a reputation for a man who "hates all video games" (although that is not the case). At the same time, Grand Theft Auto III is notorious for being the game that parents are warned never to let their children play due to explicit violent content.

Check it out on eBay Here

Sorry just move this to gta3 section. Sorry admin.

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TM™    13

To be honest, it makes me laugh seeing that. Although it may look real, why would Jack Thompson sign it when he doesn't even like GTA itself? To make me laugh even more, I'd like to see him actually hold the case on a photo shoot and probably, that would almost crack the shit out of everyone. But that will never happen, unfortunately.

I'd like to see him Sign IV if it really was him.

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Jack(ass) Thompson have a sense of humor? Doubt it.

A pic of him holding the game would make it look a little more authentic, but it's still funny.

That Jackie T. guy never failed to make me ROFL... *sarcasm*

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