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What is this called?

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WRX22B1998    23

If you guys have played GT4 or Wangan Midnight (Maximum Tune) or maybe some rally games,

In gt4 (in auto) if you go to a corner in 3rd gear, then slam the brakes and go down 2nd and 1st, when your car shifts down, there is like a flame thing out of the exhaust. What is this called?

Also in maximum tune if you let go of accel. then accel again it happens..like a bluey flame

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Urbanoutlaw    12

You kids... :lol:

That's just back fire. In a street car, you have at least a muffler to contain these so you don't see or hear them. In a racing

exhaust or w/ "fart can" mufflers, the back fire makes it out to the end of the pipe & you see/hear it.

It's the result of suddenly dropping to a lower gear & raising your RPMs. You get a bunch of unburned fuel in the exhaust

system & at the high RPMs the exhaust valves aren't completely sealed. On top of that, you also get a sudden advance of

spark (on older ignition systems, not sure on the new ones) & literally light off the exhaust.


Model A fords had an manually adjustable ignition advance (I used to restore them, a lifetime ago). You could play around

& make some nice loud back fires. :evil: The guy I worked for did it to mess w/ his dog, until he blew up his muffler.

IHRA Dragsters or Sprint cars make a nice show at night. :lolbounce:

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K9 Krew    2

Anyone here ever done a keybanger??

I love them, we do it in the tunnel and scare all the other drivers. :D but it does damage your car

Process: While driving turn the car off and take the key out then insert the key back in and start up the car, thus cuasing a very loud noise to come from the car and when inside a tunnel it's quite hilarious.

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