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sam the man

i need help baddly!plz help me!

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sam the man    0

Hi everybody i vannot do the mission wen u collect lance from the airport i keep dying or he does i need to do dis plzzzz help me im so stuck.

And wen i do dis mission does the bridge open and wen can i get boats hellicopter etc.

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TrialByFire    10

right for the mission u are talkin about "jive drive" all u need to do is be a good shot and try to make sure you kill the bad guys before they reach lance. also beware once you have killed them all and are takin lance to his hotel he is often very slow to enter a vehicle so try to make sure you dont get busted! in reference to the rest u need to be patient and keep hammerin the missions and stuff...

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MrLlamaLlama    96

^adding to^

Try to take out the enemies as soon as they appear with the arrows, a few good shots is enough to waste one, easily. When they congregate near cars, take out the cars for an instant group kill. Your car is explosion proof, beleive it or not, so explosions won't do anything to it. The latter part of the misson is all about keeping lance from dying. But don't rush off without him, or it'll say you left him behind... <_< . So keep him close.Try to keep half an eye on the radar for new enemies to pop up and cap you. If you can,i it's a good idea to try and steal one of the cop cars that barricades you in the compound, unless they're locked (haven't played the game in a while) They're strong, quick, and will do untill you can either shake some cops, or find a police bribe to safely find a civilian vehicle to drive into a Pay 'n' Spray, then off to lance's hotel. On top of this, if you rack up the kills to het enforcers on your ass, take on eof those, it can take the extra beating, and is quick enough to outpace a VCPD cruiser if driven well.

Ahhh. Hope that helped.

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