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Car Mods for LCS on the psp

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Rashon.    10
you cant have mods for the psp.

i dont think

if im wrong im an uber noob.

Well, you can. Someone found out how you can mod on the PSP just like on the PC but I've got no idea how you do it.

By cars like those you listed, I doubt you're talking about the CheatDevice.

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MrLlamaLlama    96
Thos shots are from GTA San Andreas!!!!

No shit, notice how he said 'like this' he never claimed they were from the PSP/

And i don't think it's possible. If so, it's probably beyond 98% if not 99% of the people on this forum. Like the guy who found the secret news brtoadcasts from LCS, don't remember his name, but he may be able to help you / point you in the right direction, scrioll through the LCS section of the forum and look for his topic.

Hope i hepled buddy.

*Flashback to another story* - Will save this for another time.

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TM™    13

You can't mod LCS as it's hard to actually do, chances are that you're game will get fucked up, so I wouldn't plan on doing it. Mod for GTA3, VC or SA as they are far more fun to mod. You can Mod LCS/VCS if you look at the topic Gamerzworld made, but that's unreliable and can mess your game up, so I wouldn't recommened that.

Oh, wait... This got bumped. Yeah, that's right. Closed.

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