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OG Loc

Ipb modders and Layout desginer needed

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OG Loc    0

Im making a porfessional Gta site with my friend and we decided that we need some ipb modders and a layout designer to help us complete the task so if anybody can help please contact me.

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Chris    237

Sorry but you say 'Professional' GTA site, but yet you haven't even got the time to install mods, damn it only takes 5 mins at the most, 9 x 5 = 45 mins, thats only 45 mins of your time, if you have a friend then thats 22 1/2 mins between you, hardly a long time.

You gotta be dedicated to your professionalism to get anywhere, so far no new GTA sites have made it big, absolutely none, there's just too much competition nowadays.

Anyway good luck with your site and good luck trying to find someone to install stuff for you ;)

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