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Urbanoutlaw    12
Windstar is kinda based off of the Taurus. So yes, same engine and transaxles. The only thing is the Split Port Induction intake manifold won't fit under the hood of a 96-07 Taurus

Unless you want to chop up your hood.

If you're talking 3.8, the intake off a '00 Mustang should work nicely. Saw one recently w/ the top half of the manifold

off, looked like one of the wild set-ups from the '50s or early '60s for 6 2-bbl carbs.

For myself, I prefer the 3.0 in a Taurus. Surprisingly powerful & a LOT more room to work on them on the few occasions

they need it. This is from putting a transaxle in a 3.8 Taurus.

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Righty    0

It's still fun to change the spark plugs on the 3.0. You have to position yourself so you are above the engine.

After I changed the plugs the car wouldn't run for some reason. Apparently I forgot that I unhooked the IAC and TPS.

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Jace    11

To all those who still think the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest production car, think again. The SSC Aero broke the record 2 days ago at a blazing 255.83 MPH!


0-60 mph time of just 2.78 seconds


The car is ugly too, and probably not as comfortable as the Veyron cause they want to save wait and stuff.

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