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Suggestion: A Ranking Post

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excalibur    0

How about a PIN in the main forum with the ranks.


Below are the User Ranks & The Amount of post Required For Each Rank

Noone Special = 0-10

Shoplifter = 11-20

Petty Theft = 21-30

Something like that, thanks I would really apperciate it if its not to much time.

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Chris    237

well there are too many to right out so I have taken a print screen from the admin panel of all the ranks, but this doesn't mean you must spam to get up to the next rank, post meaningful posts.

I notice you have made about 20 topics in san andreas forum just about general tips, some of which are in the instruction manual or are common knowledge, it would be better if you just posted a big faq thread as opposed to 20 seperate ones.


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mvi    0

Well its a bit hard to notice the fact that the gameplay section is filled with his stuff, why would you want to know all the ranks anyway, you know roughly from the persons level of post. And it probably has some resemblance to the vice city criminal ratings page.

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