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  1. San Andreas Multiplayer Help Thread

    yes i have internet connection i just dont know why it will not work at my house i was over there today using it and it worked fine but when i come here it does not work the games just do not show up it is the same with muti theft auto
  2. Help me! plz!

    i know this is not the right place but no one awnsers in the multiplayer help thread and i waited a few days i cant get the browser list to show up but at my cousins house (on my computer its a laptop) i could when i was connected to his internet is there any reason for this or any way i can fix it and yes i have tried reinstalling it :bashhead: :bashhead:
  3. tokyo drift evo

    oh ty who gave me the link i have been looking and couldnt find one :lol:
  4. *Hot Babe Thread* (NSFW)

    hottest woman ever check it out she is sexy
  5. tokyo drift evo

    i wanted to know if there is any tokyo drift cars that can be modded in the game yet if so can you tell me a link or somthing Thanks!
  6. San Andreas Multiplayer Help Thread

    ok i have samp on my computer and it worked when i was at my cousins house using his internet but when i got home i tried getting on it and the browser opened and no games showed up and the ping thing showed nothing does anyone know y Thanks! oh and i have tried reinstaling it