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  1. RT @5H4H4N: When she tweets “guys that can cook

  2. Arab parents are weird man... they’ll yell at you for staying out past 10 but then ask you when you plan on getting married

  3. RT @Dun___Dun: @rawanabanana Only thing that's important https://t.co/amcvrVXys9

  4. My iPhone 7 started acting up around the same time that the new one comes out. Fishy...

  5. RT @Ghetto_CNN: Obama: "I used to be presi..." Officer: "Yeah yeah yeah. Step outta the car Daquan" https://t.co/AMBw8h5U8R

  6. Did anyone know that mcdonalds used to sell hotdogs? Imagine asking for a supersized Mcwiener!

  7. That moment when you finally get a joke.. - http://t.co/8w0QQ6OrJn