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  1. They are too much occupied with GTA IV to change VCS.
  2. any smokers?

    From now, it's forbidden to smoke in public place in France... Anyway, I'm not used to smoke, so I don't care, but I think it's better.
  3. Yeah you're right, but I know I won't spend 2$ for a little picture on my phone...
  4. What a swindle ! You can put pictures on your phone by USB, and it's free...
  5. I knew it, it was sure ! Rockstargames earn more money like this.
  6. any smokers?

    I've never been smoking and I'll never smoke. I know a lot of person who died because of smoking...
  7. How are you going to die?

    I hope I'll die as late as possible but I'd prefer to die in my sleep.
  8. What are you currently playing?

    The best game with GTA... (just joking...)
  9. Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome HULK HOGAN, have fun! I'm not the newest anylonger now!
  10. Introduce Yourself..

    By the way, if I don't talk properly, just edit my post to correct me. If you can't, just tell me what to say.
  11. Japan Loves San Andreas

    There's is just a logo added in the right hand corner in fact...
  12. Japan Loves San Andreas

    Could we see what does the japanese box look like?
  13. Your Favourite Game(Apart From GTA)

    Ok, thanks, but what do you mean by "frenchy"? Isn't Need For Speed avaliable in the USA?
  14. Grand Theft Auto 4 -- PC Version ?

    In my view, GTA4 will be avaliable for PC, cuz' everyone has a computer but everyone does not have a PS3. So it would be more intelligent for RockstarGames
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Saliva - Survival of the sickest