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  1. i just made a new forum its phpbb 2.011 and the site is plz register for it thanks
  2. the skin u chose is too white you need to go with sumthin a little darker. good luck tho
  3. ac/dc- highway to hell
  4. grand theft auto 2 was in my opinion the best of the original 2d gtas
  5. the link works for me
  6. the screenshots r perfect. the stamp looks good but a little too bright for my liking
  7. this has been know forever man. its not even really a spoiler nemore
  8. you get tons and i meen tons of respect for taking over gang turf
  9. u probably need to get a phone calll or ur in las venturras where theres tons of missions poping up and u have t go back and beat the toreno missions at the airstrip
  10. did u turn on the riot cheat or sumthin like that. i heard that was the problem this mission. ither that or ur games glitched
  11. pistols work it just takes a lllllloooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg time to get full hitman with em
  12. my advice for all gfs is to shoot the bitches
  13. use the java map called SAM on it helps alot
  14. that mission was real easy the hardest mission in those is wwhen u have to fly to the corona in the sky at the very top of where u can fly. it took me a few trys to do that
  15. y dont u go look