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  1. Version 3.00 info

    this sounds dumb,but my psp loads things a little more better now on V3.00 than when it was on other firmwares,vcs got about 8 seconds wiped off of it when i compared it to my firends 2.80 psp,also,battery life sort of lasts longer on this firmware,me and my friend were doing some vcs multiplayer and both our PSP's were on full charge,we made sure,then we looked at our psp batterys about an hour later,his was on 2 bars while mine was still on 3,once again,it sounds like it would never be possible,but there have been rumours of Jeanne D'arc (or something like that) loading incredibly fast,could it be that sony has found a way to keep the CPU on 333mhz while preserving battery life??? by the way,we keep our PSP's on max brightness with full sound (anything else isnt good enough),so in case you were gonna throw something in my face about that,think again!
  2. airplanes

    SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER,the biplane is on the very start of the runways,one starts up a side-mission,meanwhile,the skimmer is found on a dock behind the biker bar that was in vice city ( if you dont know where that is,just find the hotel under construction,and go straight east towards the water,you cant miss it).
  3. Rate the multiplayer (SPOILERS)

    SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER,the first is a sanchez,then an infernus,which then goes to a bf injection and onto the hunter! that's only one race though,there might be loads of other vehicle types for them,what i wanna see is a race that goes from bmx,to biplane,to splitz 6,to the jet ski or hunter,actually,if there were 6 people doing multiplayer,each could have their own type of vehicle,then they could have a might of the hunter game (while they're still on the quadathlon race) where they all have to avoid being blown to bits by the hunter,after that,the person who died will get in a hunter and hunt the rest of the people down,until there's only one left,which would mean they'd win the game,once again,you'd have to keep score yourself,but that's one hell of a way to play!
  4. Just a little idea on time...

    i'm definitely expecting these things 1:at night,people will try to kill you and rob you of your money 2:pop-in is a thing of the past 3:all the good old cars will be in,just remade to look and feel better than ever 4:Nitrous is definitely a yes for this one 5:there will be guns,people,cars,roads,grass,buildings and cops 6:it's going to be in america for sure,but it wont be san andreas,vice city or liberty city,apart from new york,miami and san andreas,what is the biggest and best part of america? i'm not expecting GTA IV to be the best of the best,it will look good to us now but in the next 4 years,we will look back at it and say,"pfft,man look at this game,and we used to think it was the best,this game sucks,i'm gonna go n play GTA2" just like GTA3 and san andreas,come on,you gotta admit R* will bring out even better GTA's than no.4,in time they will...
  5. Rate the multiplayer (SPOILERS)

    SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER,there IS a way you can all have hunters at the same time,just start up a quadathlon race and keep racing until you have to fly in the hunter,they fire rockets so you can kill each other,but you'll have to make your own scores,remember it,a quadathlon race in vice point will get you a hunter for each player.
  6. well,since there's one on gamefags,i guess we wont have to write up a guide,wooh,that saved me a lot of time. i hate it when there are 50 guides for one game,i prefer one mega walkthrough with everything covered,like that 700+ page walkthrough for monster hunter,anyway,screw it,i'm here to help,not contribute.
  7. sounds great,fill me in on your ideas,i'm not into getting all the secrets,just techniques and other things,such as ideal weapons for certain situations,smarter steering in the car,empire buildings and glitches that give you the upper hand,if you're interested,let me know and i'll type something up.
  8. Rate the multiplayer (SPOILERS)

    first off,if you havent played it yet,vcs multiplayer is split into two islands,when you first see it,it says a bunch of little places like leaf links and prawn island,but dont fear,they are only spawn points,anyway.... the multiplayer is much improved over lcs,but what i find really wierd is that there is traffic where it normally shouldnt be,like cars driving through the airport terminal,or traffic jams in the golf course,they probably did this so you could get a ride if you didnt have one,but still,it's creepy seeing people drive away on the water,heh heh,another thing is clumping of pedestrians,there's about 3 different people and they are the only type you see,it's too bad the amount of people at once had to be cut down so you could do all this cool stuff,they still run like marathon people in multiplayer,but still,it's more fun than ever,especially races,me and my friends dont finish them,we keep racing until we reach the hunters and then the real fun begins! (if you wanna try it,start a quadathlon race) i give vcs multiplayer a 9 san andreas couldve been the best if it had split screen multiplayer...
  9. The Ultimate Firmware, DevHook & CheatDevice guide

    i'm on 2.82,so i'm doomed,i'd love to see a video of it,i've heard it has gravity like lcs cheat device did,could you tell me if you are able to turn off the cheatdevice ingame,because in lcs you could set the gravity and water levels to different values and once you turn off the cheatdevice,they'd stay that way so you could float around in multiplayer,i want to know if this is possible on vcs?
  10. mid-air control

    still a great feature though,hey,if you have san andreas for pc i can show you how to get a submarine!!! (it's a mod btw)
  11. mid-air control

    i could have sworn it was in vice city and gta3,but it was barely noticeable,but it's telling the people that makes the difference
  12. about Victor Vance and 8-balls

    have you all looked back at vice city,when vic dies he looks heaps old,nothing like what he is in vcs,oh well,i guess R* didnt think he'd be a key playa in GTA huh..
  13. Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out

    yeah,i had major trouble with that mission,it annoyed the heck out of me,but if you think that's bad,wait 'til you gotta do the mission with the (SPOILER) domestobot,ugh.
  14. mid-air control

    most people already know this,but when you are in mid-air in a car,if you let go of all the buttons and use the analog stick,you can tilt the car around,this is useful for when you are doing a big stunt and want to land it perfectly,so when your car is in the air,let go of all the buttons and use only the analog stick,it's in all GTA's,and it seriously is real,but dont expect the aftertouch takedowns of burnout or nuthin,just slight tilts of the car,hope this helps!
  15. OMG I BEAT VCS CLUB [spoilers]