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    Play basketball and football, listen to music, check out girls, and chill wit my boys

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    San Andreas
  1. Well most games you hav to contol wit the left anlog stick so u should get use to it now.
  2. yea when you done pilot school you can fly and helicopters and planes. I like the last part when the parachuate. That was fun.
  3. mines was the game fm and chatterbox
  4. why sum1 buy the 2 cd and a dvd 4 san andreas
  5. I liked the uzi
  6. I think san andres is ok i giv it a 7 1/2 out of 10
  7. I picked none i like rap
  8. Ja Rule-New York
  9. Yea WhiteTeeFeen is right b/c its hard to commucate wit people on here unless you pm them