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  1. I wont translate it for you. Not my fault if you are unable to speak Estonian Also you ruined my thread for now
  2. Hopefully there will be long, long story about it, with release date n' stuff. That would be nice.
  3. I'd like to see at least 15+ years more.
  4. i like to see freedom of modding, like San Andreas. Hopefully not very extreme system requirement. Good gameplay Huge and very nice environment.
  5. I think it is no t that "big" bang. Easy to beat. Nothing special there, in my option.
  6. Playing it with iPad was kinda fun. Good big view and hell expensive Apple thiny.
  7. PS2 is classic. PSP is not-that-classic but good to take with you. I prefer PSP.
  8. Chill in Portland was nice for me..
  9. Compatibility Mode > Windows XP SP 2 would help. Disable UAC and run as administrator. Or try to reinstall sound card drivers.
  10. It probably wont run well on legacy or cheap Android phones. Like I have, Samsung Galaxy Y.
  11. Banshee was the greatest for me.
  12. Oldschool games. Too bad they wont work on my way-too-new laptop I need to buy an old computer.
  13. For me it is the best freeroam game series I ever played. I like games where I can go where the hell I want and do basically what ever I want.
  14. When you gonna update this thing? Anyways, good job!
  15. I'm Falenone and I like to watch 404 errors, they're everywhere. Site is down.