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    just to list a few:<br><br>-Football<br>-Basketball<br>-Women<br>-Alcohol<br>-Parties<br>-GTA.

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    San Andreas
  1. We're back

    just a quick question...when will the main site be up???
  2. Introduce Yourself..

    well, i guess i shouldnt have said nothin haha...but im so excited about this game...i love it, and i dont think ill eer get tired of it lol
  3. Introduce Yourself..

    hi everyone, im new here too...yeah by the way, i bought san andreas (preordered it)...and i bought the strategy guide too...didnt use it much yet, only to look at all the cars, and to help me out on the first girlfriend i got...(YES YOU CAN GET GIRLFRIENDS, believe it or not, if you didnt know already...you can also play them b****es hahahaha)...but yeah anyway, love the site, and ill be a regular here!!! (i love this smiley)