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  1. Favourite Music Genre

    different kinds of Metal: In Flames Machine Head KoRn Fear Factory Amon Amarth Slayer SOAD Mudvayne Metallica Gorefest Hammerfall And many more
  2. Introduce Yourself..

    Hey everyone... I'm Patrick, 19 years old, life in the Netherlands, listen to Metal (at the moment mostly In Flames/Machine Head), play guitar (Metal gerne), I do some kind of a studie to become a truckdriver but at the moment I'm a forklift driver. love gaming, started to play GTA-SA again after a few month of a break. Love Scania especially the onces with a V8 engine (but hé, the other once's rock aswell). that's just about it I think... Rock On!!!
  3. moving to the right

    When I start the game CJ is constantly walking to the right... even if I don't even touch the keyboard... how can I solve this problem? it's version 2 downgraded to version 1. starting a new game doesn't work...