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  1. TGTAP Forum Suggestion

    what are you saying about a mod showroom? i really want a mod showroom so everyone can show he's/her mod
  2. mod sowroom idea

    hey guys i have got an idea why to don't have a mod showroom to this forum? i'm sure it will have so fun! we will shows up the mods who we have make and the others will watch them and they will say their opinion about how great is the mod who they watch! what did you say guys?
  3. the [email protected] could not be locate

    omG!! I inadvertently forgot that my windows have Greek letters i'm sorry for this!
  4. can anyone help me with´╗┐ something? i run the GTA vice city and it says that the [email protected] could not be locate in the dynamic link of binkw32.dll plz can someone help me what did i should do? here i have got a print screen: [link removed]
  5. Sexual Preference

    if we had strange sexual preference did you think we whould tell you? if someone is gay did you thing he will tell it? for me i don't think so (i'm straight! [before you start asking me your questions])
  6. is the GTA V map same with the GTA SA map?

    ok but did anyone know or have one? i realy want to see the GTA V map (if this is possible)
  7. well from the time who i heard of GTA V is comming i saw alot of maps which they look like the GTA SA's maps so my question is that, is the GTA V map same with the GTA SA map?

    well sometimes a mod replaces some files, it writes you a message for if you want to replace some files you should click yes to replace the files because it's importable! if you don't, the mod will not work.
  9. how to put a signature?

    ok i have found it it's to the: manage ignore prefs / signature sorry about my post
  10. how to put a signature?

    hey guys can someone tells me how to put a signature? i see to some members to have always a message down of every message which it says something who they have right it only once but the message apears for every post how did they have put it ? and how i can put it too?
  11. HEELP i had an accident!

  12. HEELP i had an accident!

    to help you i show you what did i place in ther wrong category i should place this http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f6288-peoples-can-only-run to GTA san andreas category and my question now is how i can delete it from there? (i have re-upload it to the right category and now i just want to delete the wrong how i can do it?)
  13. HEELP i had an accident!

    well i have re-upload it but this time in the correct category but the other is still to the wrong category! how i can remove it?
  14. HEELP i had an accident!

    i have upload an GTA SAN andreas mod to the GTA Vice city mods category how i can fix it plz!! can someone tell me before i get banned?
  15. well if it's only increase without decrease i'm afrait of that, 1 day maybe i will reach it