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  1. Ahhh! I remember you!! you were in the KFM? and got caught cheating the bank??

    Anyway LAWL happy birthday

    -woozie2 :P



  2. Is there any way to like...demote the software back to 2.0? Sorry im not the original owner of my psp. I got mine used for 20$.
  3. I think its dumb that the "rolling ramp" truck can lift and lower its ramp but the cars wont stay on. that would be cool.
  4. Can you change it to 333mhz on 2.6? I got version 8 installed already but i dunno how to change the speed.
  5. Ok i got the device loaded but how do you accually use the cheats? It says simply load but than what? it.
  6. I just thought that the whole "thug" thing was stupid. go a differnt direction besides that.
  7. NJ dude. i always thought u were the ultimate haxzor. guys prolly s**ttin himself right now.
  8. Great, now i have to decide. I wanted to buy True Crime: NewYork City but now tha i hear about this im not sure. I kinda lost my intrest for this when i went to the gaming store and saw it on the resell shelf.
  9. I want: Xbox 360 COD:2 350 small block with a 4 berral carb gas money
  10. They also promised some stuff in SA like being able to recover your rides in the police impound. Rock* isnt perfect, no one is. Im just waiting for another platform GTA.
  11. I dont need to worry about that cause i get my gf to moan my name all the time .
  12. Then they went...
  13. 26:Tie the cord around your head with the "horns" sticking out like a bull and piss off some cows...
  14. i have the best.... 20: NINJA GRAPLING HOOK!
  15. Fastball- The way