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  1. Dude. I know a bunch of Asian people who are strong enough to survive int he crime underworld, but if you want to stereotype races I will too. We shouldn't have an Italian since they are all mobsters, and fat ass bastards. Irish guys since they are drunks. Black people because they are all iggnorant gangsters who don't have brains. Latinos since they are all illegal, and lazy. Let's not forget the normal white people who are just too boring for GTA. There I think I named why just about every race should not be included in GTA.
  2. I KNOW WHO THE MAIN Character will be in GTA 4!

    Im pretty shure they were the same lady holding the same baby. I think that if the main character happened to be Darkel it should take place in a 1970's Carcer City. Where he builds a terrorist empire or whatever.
  3. What do you think happened to Liberty City?

    I don't want you to believe me dude. I don't really care. All I said after your wrote that I was wrong was that we were entitled to our own opinions, and then you had to keep on going with the whole "You have an opinion, and I have fact". Better yet lets just drop it now, and pretend it never happened.
  4. I KNOW WHO THE MAIN Character will be in GTA 4!

    Dude. I am telling you straight up that isn't his wife or at least not right away. I remember seeing a lady in a fancy white dress yelling at Victor about being a good for nothing mudering, drug dealing bastard or something like that so I think that they might end up getting married or something like that. The baby ending up being his like stepson or something. And I am pretty shure when Lance was talking about his dead brother's white lady he was talking about the cocaine.
  5. GTA: Hit List

    Ya. That I do agree with. I started playing at like 12, and my mom didn't know I was playing till I was like 14.
  6. What do you think happened to Liberty City?

    Im not a bit angry. Im a little flustered by your holier then God attitude, but Im not angry. Where is your proof? I have never seen something signed by Rockstar saying "GTA2 is connected to GTA 3." so till that happens lets not fight about it. Also thanks for that link even thought it doesn't have much, and it is made by fans which means it isn't solid proof.
  7. What do you think happened to Liberty City?

    ^When you stop being such a cocky asshole contact me.
  8. GTA: Hit List

    ^Hey bro lay off him. Your sitting there acting like you got all your shit straight when Miguel didn't help rob the Liberty City Bank some random Columbian Cartel guy did, and like Claude he got shot by Catalina.
  9. I liked CJ. They gave us a wide variety of different types of main characters. Claude the mysterious, quiet guy who will do anything for the right price, Tommy the kick ass tough guy Italian who doesn't take no one's shit, CJ the guy who tends to play things a little bit smarter then the other characters, Toni the guy who is a big moma's boy as well as a true Mafia soldier all the way, and from what I understand about Victor is that he wants the best for his brother, and himself. I really think we should have either a Latino, or Asian character as we haven't had either.
  10. Confirmed Outfits

    ^Im pretty shure that there is a screen shot somewhere that shows Forbe's face, and a peice of artwork that depicts Forbes as an ugly turk looking prick with what I think was a sawn off or something like that.
  11. What do you think happened to Liberty City?

    That's your opinion, and I have mine lets agree to disagree.
  12. What do you think happened to Liberty City?

    I don't think GTA 1, and GTA 2 have anything to do with GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, etc. They aren't really connected to the other games at all. They had San Andreas more or less as San Fierro for godsakes.
  13. Empire Building Feature

    That does sound really really cool.
  14. Did Vic Really Die?

    Something doesn't add up. Vic in the beggining of Vice City had some hair where VCS Vic had none, Vice City Vic was a fat ass where VCS Vic was very fit, Vice City Vic had a columbian accent were VCS Vic is Vinhg Rhames, Vice City Vic looks nothing like VCS Vic. For some reason I think we have two different Vics here.
  15. I think that either Joey or Toni became Don of the Leone Family, and I think they more or less stayed the same as they were in GTA 3. The Yardies probably felt obligated to become the new Spank lords of Liberty, but they held competition with D-Ice who probably raided the Cartel base seeing an oppourtunity when they were weakened. The Yakuza probably lost the casino, and now the Kanbu Claude busted out has become Waka-Gashira operating out of his dojo. The Forelli are probably completely gone. The Cartel are either gone, or so weakened that they hold no real turf.