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  1. Speculation about the cellphone.

    yah i bet you can call for example and abulance if your low health or if in a mission someone you need to protect is low health and maybe you can call the cops if you held down by some enemys and use the other side of the law 420 in 42 min.
  2. Niko Bellic.

    well yeah it might not be russian but like they would most likely use the more mainstream ester european countrys russia, romaina....
  3. Destructable Environment Evidence

    i really think they will i mean when they say lots of new features there isint an enourmous amount of things that can be rulled out god i hope its true though
  4. Funny Video

    that may indeed be the greatest video in human history
  5. Sexual Preference

    im striaght & proud but gays are cool to chill with i guess but lezes are #1
  6. GTA IV to be moddible?

    what im wondering is if iw will be still such a hassle to mod the game on consoles
  7. Other Locations

    well i think that it will be like SA in a way but instead of them being all on one map you can fly there but on the other hand it would be really awseome to like take you car on a cross country road trip terrorizing all the small towns on the way(the drive must take a WHILE though for realizim)
  8. Fake Screenshots

    yah seriously dont post fake sh*t just to post you guys are dumb
  9. >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Exculding those that have been reaveled in the trailer... -intelligent AI damage system(when you shot someone in the knees they cant walk bullet holes in people and on you like in hitman) -better stealth missions -more interactive with ai -more place to go inside -create your own gang customize your guns -killing random people has more effect then just stores -a legit hot coffee-esqe part -be able to travel -not only to take place in new york -just more all around interactivity
  10. New Protagonist

    yah well i think that our new guy will be escaping the russian mob and will be so f**kin' bad ass damn like cant you just imagine that guy bustin in your door with a silenced smg looks like hes a normal smelly cab driver on the outside but a natural born killer on the inside
  11. fave car in GTA

    my fav is the voddo it's pimp dady
  12. San Andreas' Sexual Innuendos

    One u forgot was an old favorite pay'n'spray you buy a hoe you spray sperm. HELLO CRIS