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  1. Dubstep

    My two latest tracks, the first one is like, an alternate version to In Your Eyes by Brookes Brothers, I just started off with the same sample as they used and tried creating something different. You don't even want to know what the second is. http://soundcloud.co...johnny-osbourne http://soundcloud.co...rrade/goodnight
  2. Dubstep

  3. TERRORIST are invading ENGLAND

    Firstly, don't get personal to me you absolute batty crease, if I'm as immature as you say I am then you are fuuuuucked mate, I've never heard anything so childish and selfish in my life, clearly a racist little buster. Getting back to the actual point, most of the shit you're reading is just fabricated, basically, far from true. You need to look at the picture around you, not what you read in your fucking right wing papers. Immigrants bring a lot to this country, and have boosted the economy for years with their business. Don't post another paragraph, too much reading man, too baked for this mark assclown giving me shit. Peace.
  4. Dubstep

    Some of my own dubstep.. http://soundcloud.com/justaplaceformyideas/mash-up-da-dub
  5. TERRORIST are invading ENGLAND

    and I hope they fuck your shit up first, but yeah you're probably some middle class little buster who can't get a PS3 off his mummy this year and blames it on immigrants, along with everything else. But to think of it from your perspective, with your clean water, central heating, consoles, GTA games... you poor thing, how could they be so selfish as to come and seek refuge in your country? Racist, end of, you hate these brown people coming into your country, and that's it. Stop trying to disguise it with your newspaper articles warping statistics.
  6. the old guy..

    I have a feeling that these 2 guys are the same guy: http://www.thegtapla...railer1_022.jpg - this guy http://www.thegtapla...railer1_028.jpg - and the guy on the right He looks like Tommy, just saying.
  7. Favorite Movies

    pulp fiction.
  8. GTA V: Rockstar Contact- Gregory Haywoods

    mate, you type like a nigerian 419 scammer, but besides that, what do you even gain from making fakes that no one in their right mind would actually believe?
  9. Dubstep

    you say dub but i assume you mean dubstep? dub is actually a genre that grew out of reggae by taking out the vocals and adding effects, a lot of the commercial dubstep of today really doesn't have much dub influence, it takes most of it's influence from jump up drum & bass but still keeping the rhythm that came with the original dubstep around 10 years ago... this is a good example of where dubstep comes from, apart from the snare is on the 2nd and 4th beat, and in dubstep it's meant to be on the 3rd beat: this is jump up drum & bass: as you can tell, it's a lot faster, 170 bpm probably, dubstep is usually at 140 bpm (bpm = beats per minute) and it's in half time so most dubstep would actually appear to be around 70 bpm this is what most people percieve to be dubstep, although there aren't really any dub influences, still a dutty tune though: i've been talking about jump up drum & bass, but this is actual drum & bass, which doesn't share as many similarities with dubstep as jump up does:
  10. GTA V Announced! Trailer coming 2nd November

    i'm hoping they come back with another vice city, but the only indications of that atm are the order in which games have been made in the past and possibly the money theme in the logo, vice city was a very money orientated game?