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  1. Insomnia 2 (a GTA IV machinima)

    If somebody didn't notice the second part is the first video of the first post hahaha well you've got it here too!, Prepare to laugh your ass off during 32 minutes
  2. Hi there! I want to share my new project to some machinima's lovers so... hehehe let's skip all this bullsh*t of introduction and we will focus into the important thing allright? hehehee Name: Insomnia II lenght of the movie: around 35 minutes Synopsis: In Liberty City, the city of glamor, some people have to work at night to make possible the nightlife, and when they have finished, they only want to rest up a little, but the people of Liberty City aren't going to make that possible... But one man, Luis López... will make them pay for it! Here is the movie OFFICIAL TRAILER You can watch also some pictures... (they look different from the teaser trailer because I had to remake it all) You can watch the first movie of "Insomnia" here (it was released 2 years ago) Hope you like it!