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  1. For Xbox 360?? If So, could I use your gamesave for xbox 360?? It's for my sister and she doesn't like to do missions. She just wants to drive around, shoot, shop, and play with all 3 characters. Thank you
  2. Niko and Nvk's Freeroam-Community come party with us We will bring you to your sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-knees!!! Meet the Staff! Meet the Owner You want a Jungle? Here's what we have to offer Links: Forum: (sign up to get the Server IP) Website: We're also on Facebook, search for: The NNFRian Facebook Community If you have any questions, contact me PM or at [email protected] Want more? Check us out on youtube
  3. Answer: behind a fence on the beach in Playa Del Seville in LS Question: When is CJ given a Rocket Launcher? (no cheats)