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  1. It's been a long while since GTA IV came out, I'm guessing the whole GTA scene must be going through the same issues. It won't be long till the next console GTA game, when that turns up it'll be important to get going with it full throttle. Aggressive coverage and some unique content. Back in the day I did a few issues of that GTA IV magazine and got some solid attention for it, building up a community from nothing. Something like that could be a way of making TGTAP stand out from the large number of reasonably similar fansites. Nice and easy to do in software like InDesign, probably wouldn't be very achievable in a weekly format and a monthly format might be too long, so bimonthly could work.
  2. Thanks I'm still quite hungover from last night. I've been lying on the sofa in our studio half this morning.
  3. ??? The earh is flat.
  4. Vice City, all round best music.
  5. There's a better version of that joke I've heard which is done as a "two bits of tarmac walk into a pub" joke.
  6. Publishers like safe bets, if something worked once it stands more chance in their eyes of working again rather than something risky and untried. When they're sinking an 8 figure sum of money into a game they want to ensure it makes a decent return. I wouldn't say it's ironic, because it's fully intentional. It's essentially a glorified port, a revisiting to a game which was rushed and experimental to try and polish it a little. In terms of both Claude and Toni being Italians, the games revolve around the Italian Mafia - it's a bit of a given that the main character will probably be Italian if he wants to be integrated easily into different Mafia groups.
  7. TXD files consist of two textures. The first is the RGB (red, green, blue) channel, this holds a fully opaque texture and is where the patterns or decals or whatever are stored. The second is an alpha (transparency) channel, this basically relies on greyscale, with white representing fully visible, and black representing invisible, and grey in between. RGB Example: Alpha Example: Merged Example (where checkerboard background represents invisibility): You can either use a Bitmap for each of these channels, or use a PNG (which is very similar to a BMP only with a transparency channel). When you import the PNG it cleverly splits up the image into the RGB colour bitmap and the Alpha transparency bitmap. If you're getting an error from Photoshops export of the alpha channel, try exporting the alpha channel from TXD Workshop then loading it in MSPaint. I'd imagine the texture is just pure white? In which case you only need use the paint bucket to fill it grey, then save and import back into TXD Workshop.
  8. Can't stop human nature, at the end of the day with power - financial or otherwise - comes an ability to use it in unethical ways for selfish gain at the loss of everyone else.
  9. Yeah it's freaky stuff MetalInusan, did you know that gta 3 is set in liberty city and so's lcs? Coincidence???
  10. Yeah Husky, it was released over 3 years ago. Not mr current affairs?
  11. A van of tortoises crashes into a van of terapins. It was a turtle disaster. Edit: sorry didn't realise it had to be a good joke!
  12. Is my link the wrong thing then?
  13. Can I has staff plz? Generally a pinned topic needs demand, if say there were thousands of posts on the subject of Vista x64 then yes a topic which could be pinned would come in handy, or even a sub forum. However as Mr G says making a topic on the off chance will earn you no favours.
  14. Screenshot?
  15. If you head over to they have excellent listings on how to do GTA modding, it shouldn't be too hard to make what you describe following their tutorials. Plus you'll discover how to do a whole range of things with the game. Unfortunately I don't think tgtap has a very big modder community, but someone may help you out