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  1. lol.i love your avatar, and always have..

  2. Ha, what an idiot
  3. speaking of jessica alba.......
  4. avatar: 7/10 sig: 9/10 personality: very nice guy, and your total randomness makes me laugh
  5. seeing as he just posted a topic (for no apparent reason) with a photo of a dead pigeon ripped in half, a ruler and tissue with blood all over them, my vote goes to connor.
  6. now with the nose maedloabrasdeor much better
  7. ,ma\DXSL;A\Zvbredsxoprdfe bollocks
  8. pigeon is good eatin'
  9. dude, you shouldnt talk about your own mother like that. she gave birth to you, raised you, feeds you, clothes you and puts a roof over your head. and you moan and bitch just because she turned off your PC? You need to learn some respect and grow up, cos right now you are acting like a spoiled brat.
  10. warned for being un-original This thread fails
  11. holy shit i never knew there was gun topic , now im excited i have a rimfire Taurus LBR. dont have a pic of mine at hand so i just grabbed this one off google. its exactly the same as that, but without the counter weight. (i cut that off because it looked crap). i usually go to my uncles farm and shoot rabbits with it. pistols are banned here in the UK, but we have a way of getting around that, we just make the barrels longer so they are classed as a rifle
  12. man, tom and jerry is the greatest. it whoops the fuck out those crap, politicaly correct cartoons you get today. stupid political correctness, just more excuses for the government to make our lives boring.
  13. do you masturbate in public toilets? anyway, i fear that i will get testiclular cancer. i know that may sound stupid, but testicular cancer seems to happen for no apparent reason. and i have the worst luck in the world, so....yeah another thing, i really hate being in crouded places outdoors. but it doesent bother me if its crouded indoors, which is very weird