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  1. what i learned * Once you die, you won't respawn infront of a hospital * You can't make your weapons/guns disappear and make them magically come back in your hand * You cant't type cheats to get away from cops. * Stealing a car ain't easy without guns. * Not eating for atleast 30 days might get you killed frome starving. * It's Illegal to highjack a plane while its on mid-air. * You can't get into Area 51 and get a jetpack.
  2. where is this?

    thats probably near Asto del Diablo or something and close to the Cluckin' Bell at Fort Carson just south of the Abandoned air strip
  3. Yo momma's sooooo fat...

    Your momma is so UGLY, she made blind kids cry.
  4. Type your name(s)

    :bashhead:Fullname : Rommel Andrew Icawat Villaflor rtrojk3o, qahe45432 i8c25 fvoqrolo45r - Nose rolmmjjme3lo baqmjn iofdaqaqrt5 ywsrfp;055 - Elbow DAMN ITS HARD!
  5. Write your own news

    This just in! A donkey got raped by a cow in AssKisser City and murdered with a metal chicken of doom with frozen chicken butt smacking to his face. In Other news: A survivor claims that aliens rape humans especially males. It is proven that the survivor is a mental escapee and his claim is fake, but it is still proven true. In Showbiz : OG Loc finally ate his foreskins! he confessed that he ate his foreskin along with Madd Dogg's and boiling them in 3 hours. In Cooking : Now here is how we make "pudding" get a cup of shit and boil it with some water, pee, salt, eyeballs, glue, backhair and sugar for taste. It is very high in Calories with atleast 200000 calories each bite and 10000 transfat.
  6. The "Whats your favorite pudding" topic

    Apple Crumble FTW!
  7. What pisses you off?

    Shit Crap Crappy Shit Kids (Under 10) Cars (Keeps blocking our front door.) Stairs (too lazy to walk) Elevator(Too Lazy to Stand) Old People (They Smell Like Feet) Food from the Trash Can Replying even thought I didn't send them a message. Chicken Butt Fred Figglehorn Stale Bread Ugly Girls My geek Cousin My Drunk Uncle (always kissing my cat > ) Writing (My Fingers hurt for typing all of this crap) Kissing (They Smell like Garlic) TV (We dont have Cable) My PC (Its too dusty) Cleaning (Too lazy) Burned Pancakes Raw Pancakes Soft Candy Soap (THey get in my eye) Pants (Its too hot) Underwear (too hot)
  8. Least Favourite Mission

    I agree with Urbanoutlaw i hate Beach Party
  9. Favorite Thing to do With SA

    mine is making people's head go boom and racing
  10. What's your favorite weapon

    I choose IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 Action Express AKA Deagle
  11. GTA San Andreas for 3 bucks

    try not to buy it cuz most cheap items are broken or has errors
  12. Can a motobike have 3 seats ?

    well this is possble via mod with the Phillipine Boundary mod i think. 2 person on the bike and one on the sidecar dont know if this can be use for drive-bys
  13. mine is when doing the mission vertical bird Pilot: Stolen aircraft; Prepare to be vaporized CJ: Did you hear that? Toreno: 'Prepare to be vaporized' what a bunch of bullshit. Ignore them. They shoot at you and it's an international incident. You're not a British tank, so you should be fine. and also this: Toreno: You see? Child's play! CJ: FUCK YOU, TORENO!!! I never want to go through this again! I think I'm gonna hurl... Toreno: Ooh, what a big whiner, you want some cheese with that wine? Hey, you were spectacular. You know what, I'm beginning to think my little Carl is a double agent. Oooh.
  14. wierdest thing ever happend to you

    well mine is when i was causing rucus like usual then suddenly a police hit me and i flew infront of the tram. how ironic. too bad i dont use cheats
  15. Funny Quotes

    well my is when cj crashes to a car he shouts "Did you steal your license?!" and "What kind of lincense do you have?A fishing license?!" xDD