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  1. 100% Full "Home-Brewed" Script Medium to Strict RP based in Fort Carson and Red County Dedicated team of SAMP Veterans Gamemode edited with new additions or fixed DAILY 24/7 Dedicated SAMP and TeamSpeak 3 SA-MP: Website: www.division-roleplay.com Features [*]Engine starting/stopping system [*]Lights on and off system [*]Toll booth system on all major roads leaving LV [*]Advanced administration system using Lethal Admin [*]Housing/Biz system [*]Fully custom 100% home made script [*]Advanced futuristic vehicle technology (AI Vehicles) [*]Vitals system. Tracks your hunger, thrist, sleep and drunk levels. If you don't eat sleep or drink you will die!
  2. - - Basic Information IP:PORT: Gamemod: DR-RP v1.8.0 Slots: 35 Mapname: Los Santos Server Hosted: serverffs Gameplay Type: RP, Role Play. Description DR-RP is a Roleplay. Its a 24/7 server. DR-RP got an experienced admin team and a good scripting team that's always trying to improve the script. Gang/Family Information It's easy to create your own gang or family in the server, write a thread about your gang/family in the server forums ( www.Delta-RP.com ), be active, keep a good and high RP standard and you might get official. Vehicle Information It's easy and cheap to rent a car, just type /guide -- > car rental and it will guide you to the car rental. You can also buy a car when you're the right level and when you got the right amount of money, you can either buy cars from other players or from the dealership. Weapon Information You can either get legal weapons from the legal gun-shop ( ammunation. ) or you can buy weapons from an arms dealer, or maybe be one yourself. Arms dealers often hang around at the black market. Money/Job Information DR-RP got 2 job centers, one legal and one illegal, there are 5 illegal jobs and 7 legal jobs, the jobs are easy to understand and we're trying to keep them as RP as possible, if you got any questions about the jobs please contact an admin In-Game or at the forums. Businesses/Houses/Cars DR-RP got a ownership system for both businesses, houses and cars! You can own up to 3 cars and also get a great chance to own one of our 65 houses! Or 30 Businesses! See You At The Server!