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  1. that would be a longass movie, director and producers would honestly have to cut a lot out of it....
  2. lance, easily, glad i blew his ass up
  3. so if i bought a video camera with a usb cable, i could record my games if i plugged the usb cable into my ps2?
  4. is it possible to record gameplay on my ps2? if so, what would i need
  5. i think it would be pretty cool if it was set in the usa, and took place in the whole USA, we know its not, but that would be insane, you can travel from new york to california, cali to florida, it would be kool
  6. itd be cool to see colonel cortez, possibly avery
  7. jet skis, some speedboats, possibly a submarine?
  8. a good idea possibly would be to be able to do smash and grabs, like in the warriors video game, or possibly with a car smash and grab where you run into the building with a car and grab as much inventory as you can
  9. cheetah, sabre turbo, sandking... sentinel xs isnt bad either
  10. is there any way u can mod gta games on the ps2, instead of the pc, i have gta3 and sa on ps2, vice city on pc...
  11. i was getting a whole bunch of errors, etc.... i uninstalled the wheel mod and re-installed it, alllllll better, thanks everyone >>>>off to vice city
  12. i just got done with the back alley brawl mission, and it took foreverto kill the chef, 32 rounds with the python finally did the trick, but why is it taking so long???
  13. maybe
  14. I keep trying to run the setup to vice city, it keeps telling me error code -6002 has anyone had this problem? and what can i do to fix it? any help would be appreciated