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  1. Some new info

    hey guys i have a problem. i really need ur help. go to THIS site. if it works and the website comes up then reply and tell me cause for some reason I cannot open it up. please tell me if it works. anyway that new info is really cool. i really hope there r kids in the game.
  2. yes the first mission and several other missions have been confirmed in magazines. i thought u all know that by now. fools.
  3. If you have any questions

    Can you really use the boot of a car to store things? Can you drive slow in GTA:SA. Unlike VC you could only drive fast and you would always be crashing everywhere, which is unrealistic. It also isnt gangsterly to do that. Is there, and can you use rollerblades or skateboards? Will peoples hands still be blocks, with lines to indicate fingers. And will your watch, like in VC, be drawn flat on your hand? Can you only enter buildings that you can buy things from? Are most of the cars from VC? (that would be stupid) Are there more weapon TYPES? Do you really work with Rockstar Games? If you do shouldn't you have a R* email, that is ******@rockstargames.com
  4. PSM2 confirmed info

    yeh but only cars that u have driven wont disapear. the other cars still will disappear.
  5. Teaser Sites Arrive

    what r teaser websites
  6. San Andreas PC version for preorder?

    oh my god. that is so cool. i cant wait for it on pc, because i havnt got a ps2. i just hope that release date is true.