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  1. What a strange World we line in, ..er, ON. Hot Coffee is so easy. I see posts everywhere where people are asking about how to keep up the rhythm. But first, I have a problem nobody will answer for me. Is it too stupid a question? Is it that nobody will help a newbie? What is it? So here's the secet to hot coffee, then later today I will see a reply to my question, right? DOWN arrow on the up-stroke - UP arrow on the down-stroke. Now, with the IMG 2.0 tool I have no problem extracting and replacing as long as I have the file to be replaced pasted in a folder or on my desk top. But what if I wanted to replace the ped I just extracted with one in different parts of town.. E.g., that woman with the blue-gray jogging suit with matching hat .. I hate her but don't want to replace her with some stripper I can download from any number of sites. I want to take some other ped from a place on the map he/she only exists and put him/her on Grove Street, or any street, in any town. If I extract then go to replace I get a browser. How do I do this? Can I do this? Waiting for your peply. Thank you.
  2. SA Modding Guide

    I wish someone could help me by writing one sentence in reply: No problem with the img tool as long as I have a new file to replace what I've extracted. But what about moving img files from within the GTA3.img file itself? If I wanted to put Elvis in as a gang member what would I do? Find Elvis' id # .. easy, remove .. easy, replace? Now where do I go? All I get is a browser.
  3. I Need step by step info on how img tool 2.0 works

    I don't know what version I have but it works. Click the tool, click okay, click file - open. It should load in seconds. Do you have the green dot out of the hidden box? Click edit, then find. Write your code for the players in there: vbmyelv.dff. Commands .. extract (to) wherever you want; a file or just desktop. Then click replace (with what?) it will prompt you to browse. Go back to file, click find again. Now you'll see your last extraction: vbmyelv.dff. Now delete dff and write txd in its place, extract (to), replace (what) At this point you do the two steps again. Look for the same inserted code but with .txd written after it, replace. Now you have a new Elvis. As far as I can tell the dff is a shape of the model and txd is the texture that covers it. The movement forms of men and women are different, so are some of those between same sex. If you want a girl to walk like a boy, repace a boy with a girl, or a man to look gay - girl with man. If you put your dff and txd over a hooker, he/she will have the hooker walk. This can be controlled in its exaderation with the ped editor. Don't have that one figured out yet. If someone knows please tell me. I have a topic post asking for help.
  4. ped editor 1.0 How to?

    I had the thing going once. Now I cant remember what did to get the peds to show up on the edit list. All I get now is an out of field, or out of bounds or something like that. Please help. I know it's bloddy simple once you know how.