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  1. How come an admin is talking all 'young buck south side' shit. Aint admins supposed to set an example *4 oder ppl ?! lol *for other people
  2. Im here to fix everything up, in no time this will be great again. *loves new smilies*
  3. You are right Mr.Bryzed !!! You are a perfect guy, i love you so much!!! Lol, ok chris, i wont post in this account anymore... lol, i just wanted to see something.
  5. still....i think thats a better explanation (no offense big)
  6. WEll..if i understood correctly what u answer should be...coz is a script... maybe i didnt understand
  7. - More Advanced Faster Cars - KPH/h (or whatever!!! ) - Ability to seat - Ability to buy a restorant or those things and be able to designate persons of ur gang to guard thos properties. Or tell them to guard ur parked car...or to take it somewhere..and come back in 4hr (example) - Enter to every building!!
  8. Well..i dont know..but if this continues....u have 2 options 1. Contact Rockstar (with the Support thingy) 2. Reinstall the game... lol...those are 2 i can give u...
  9. Oh..i know that guy.....gently caress him...i never liked him....i will stay....i will follow u everywhere u go....(almost everywhere lol)
  10. EXactly...i was thinking the same.....
  11. Having it....well i do..coz i download them...from the legal and free link!!!....i dont play them coz i aint when u move the cars...i get really nerveous...coz the driving i'll say..i dont play them but i have them... GTA1 and GTA2...oh..also GTA3 and VC..but the last 2 dont count...
  12. Well...i really dont care about that car.....i just wanted to say...welcome!!!
  13. too but could be SC....right??...
  14. I cant tell u how...but i think that there are a lot of tutorials about it...i'll try to find some for ya....
  15. GTA3 is really old...i think SA things..should continue so people get more exited abou t it..and come more frequently to see if there are news about it or something....