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  1. GTA4 Confirmed PS3 Exclusive?

    I'd consider it a super computer. Cell processor running at 3.2GHz Nvidia graphics card - a great one. A 60Gig HDD. A Blu-Ray Disk/DVD/CD player. 4 USB ports. You can plug in a mouse/keyboard. A beautiful internet browser. You can store music/videos/photo's. You can buy music and stuff, I heard it in a PSM - internet shopping. Its $599.99 - the price of a computer. Its plays game, a "super computer" would. Its backwords compatable. And it's awsome. I know there's more, but it's 4:19 AM, and I'm tired.
  2. Could It Be?

    Wow. That looks nothing like the vortex. Its way to blurry. Plus, did they even have something like te vortex back in 1984?
  3. Honestly, I care more about the location than the main charecter. I'd rather have it kept in the U.S., just because I think we have alot more landmarks Rockstar could really use. So, if they keep it in the states, I think we'd just end up getting an American charecter. I'd like to have an American, maybe another Italian like in GTA III.
  4. PS2 online

    Cheap? Mine was $100 with tax, not that cheap if you ask me.
  5. Can Someone Link Me To A CSS Tutorial?

    I think that's a generator for Invision Free forums, lol. I just want a tutorial for how to code a template yourself... If you, or anyone else could help me out it'd be great!
  6. Can Someone Link Me To A CSS Tutorial?

    Wow. Thanks alot, but, I don't think I could get the color's of my template and everything else exactly the way I designed it. Could anyone give me a link to a tutorial please?
  7. Okay, well I've got a template all designed and now I'm having trouble coding it. Could anyone link me to a tutorial or tell me one, it's just for a regular template, I need a CSS tutorial. I just can't code this damn template. So can someone hook me up with a tutorial? Please, thanks in advance.
  8. PS2 online

    That PS2Online network adaptor is so damn hard to find. Oh and BTW Chris82, not all games are free, you have to pay for Final Fantasy 11, and you need the fat PS2 for Final Fantasy 11.
  9. Oh noes! Its only 11:04pm over here. Damn it! I need some info. Anything else? Got any pics?
  10. Out.... TODAY....... Someone BUY THAT DAMN MAGAZINE! Damn you see what you do? Post something like this, now I won't sleep tonight, I shall be refreshing the page every 20 seconds! w00t! Edit: OMFG LANCES BOTHER'S IN THE GAME! YAY FINALLY SOME INFO!