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  1. Ironic, I must say.

  2. Curveball Tournament

    well i think i've got the 2nd place there - what a lame effort i could make excuses (MS Access here at work is hogging my machines resources like that biatch that all MS applications are and so the ball keeps on stalling for a fraction of a second) but i won't. shame, i thought i was onto a real roll today after my 2nd game
  3. Curveball Tournament

    OMG - Fuzi0n scored 29,065 ??? that's, like, impossible dude! no way something tells me i'm not gonna do very well in the final - might have to get some practice in at lunchtime before playing for real
  4. Curveball Tournament

    no way - had a complete shocker of a 2nd round arse!
  5. Curveball Tournament

    sorry - was actually slightly busy yesterday at work - couldn't get time to check the forum i'll be playing my games today though
  6. Curveball Tournament

    how do the tournaments work? they're not actually 2 player games are they? is it like a knockout system then? the players are paired up - they each play and get their scores - the highest goes through to round two, where they play again, and the highest scorer goes through to the next round? or do you actually play against the other person and have to arrange a time to both be online? well, if it's like the first method, and you need another person to make it work, count me in - work is boring as hell at the moment, so i can easily find a few minutes here and there to play
  7. GTA PSP

    surely if it's just GTAIII again, that'll be a disapointment. no bikes, no planes, no helicopters, no swimming - i'm hopnig for a new game set in liberty city, but with the play elements from gta:sa i just really hope it's set in kinda now-ish time - i'm dreading if there's ever a GTA set in the 70s - bloody hippies! i hate just about everything 60s and 70s anyway - couple of things: play.com have it listed for release in september!! gonna be a while before we see any screenshots i think the part of Rockstar making the PSP gta is Rockstar Leeds - they are formed from a mobile games company that take two bought recently - they previously made the GBA version of Max Payne. has anyone played this? was it any good? did it have the same kinda feel as the ps2 version of it? (obviously not quite the same, being smaller screen and all, but did it capture the things that are cool about Max Payne, the bullet time and the cool film noir kinda atmosphere)??
  8. This or That?

    sega megadrive pyr0xide or kokane?
  9. *Hot Babe Thread* (NSFW)

    oh well in that case OMFG kokane is teh HAWT!!!!!1!111!!!oneoen!!!oneone!!!!!
  10. what should the next gta city be

    actually that's a good point - i mean, they've been mentioning that place in the games for ages, but maybe that's the point - they'll never actually put a game there, it'll always be refered to
  11. *Hot Babe Thread* (NSFW)

    lol - i suspect anyone else that was reading this thread was probably too dumbstruck to say anything it's all very well posting pics of beautiful actresses and models who you're never ever going to meet in a million years, it's a detached thing but when the beautiful girl in the pictures is the person who posted the pic - then i guess guys tend to get a bit bashful - maybe they're worried that a stream of "pphhwwoorrr u is teh HAWT!!!!!1!111!!!oneoen!!!oneone!!!!!" might put you off from posting any more pics?
  12. Your age

    grief! probably shouldn't admit to being 28 then i've spent the last few days ripping the piss out of the guy on the desk next to me, cos he's 40 tomorrow and that's soooo old - now i read all your ages, i feel just as old meself
  13. Best Computers

    i been a mac user almost as long as there have been macs to use and i've got 3 of them at home - so no prizes for guessing which way i voted (alas they make us use XP Pro at work :'(
  14. Should I change my name

    KokaneAddikt ??
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    i s'pose any of you are old enough to remember Carter USM ?? i been listening to their old album all weekend long