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  1. Carl actually kept the car after the mission. Whether THE PLAYER did keep the car or not doesn't actually count for this. Anyways, I pass.
  2. Hay, my question's answer is false. Carl owns a BLACK ZR, not a GREEN one Anyways, is your question's answer Catalina?
  3. Sooo... T/F: Carl Johnson owns a green ZR-350.
  4. 32 safehouses, still 10 assets?
  5. went to Hell.
  6. Indeed there is, along with the Madd Dogg's and (if I remember well) Candy Suxx's. Your turn now
  7. 30 Safehouses, 10 assets. It's pretty difficult to think about a question about a game you didn't play for ages... [T/F] There is a Love Fist poster in Rodeo, Los Santos.
  8. Sure I do
  9. Did anyone already say the Muholland's mansion?
  10. The Hashbury safehouse's garage? lol Pass.
  11. Ahem... Gentlemen? A: Woozie I guess (A Home in the Hills takes place in LS, right? ) Hell, it's pretty hard to think about a good question... [T/F] There's a fat Big Bear model within the game's files.
  12. Holy freak, that just made my day! I guess that's why I don't go into modding anymore . Anyways, I think they were just joking, I mean, they even complained about the Fuel Mod, which isn't a bad mod in any means.
  13. Happy Holidays for you guys too!
  14. Course not, if he weren't in the heli he woulda been killed too. Q: Where can you find the Rocket Launcher?
  15. The return of the Properties, I always loved 'em